Why Does My HP Laptop Losing WiFi Connection

Why Does My HP Laptop Losing WiFi Connection

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It is commonly known that, like the majority of people, you rely heavily on your laptop to complete your work; in other words, your laptop is your lifeline. Whether you’re working on a project or just browsing the internet, you use it to stay connected to the outside world.

Therefore, it can be really annoying if your laptop continually losing its wifi connection for no obvious reason. You’re not alone, so don’t worry.

Because there are still some things you can do to solve the problem, everything is not yet lost. I hope one of these pointers will enable you to rapidly reconnect to the internet!

We’ll examine several typical reasons for WiFi disconnections in this blog article and offer some advice to keep you online. Consequently, use this useful tip to stay connected whether you’re working from home or the workplace.

In order to save time, scroll down to learn how to repair it rather than wasting more time Googling “why does my HP laptop constantly disconnecting from wifi”.

Solutions for the issue that keeps my HP laptop from connecting to WiFi

Verify Your Router

Checking your router should be one of your first steps if your laptop continues losing its wifi connection. Make sure all the cords are plugged in correctly and that it is switched on. Try moving your wireless router closer to your laptop if you’re using one to see if it makes a difference.

If it doesn’t work, try pressing the button on its back or sticking a needle in a tiny pinhole on its rear panel and holding it there for a few seconds to reset it.

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Your router will be reset, perhaps solving the issue.

Install the latest WiFi drivers

The next thing you should do is upgrade your wifi drivers if restarting your router doesn’t work. Connectivity issues to the internet can occasionally be brought on by corrupted or outdated drivers.

You can visit the manufacturer’s website and get the most recent drivers for your specific laptop model to update your drivers. Or, you may use the built-in Device Manager feature in Windows 10 to automatically update your drivers.

Expand the Network Adapters area in Device Manager after opening it (you can find it by searching for it in the Start menu). Click the Update Driver Software option from the context menu of your wireless adapter.

Modify your power options

Altering your power settings is another option you have. The majority of laptops have “Power saving mode” activated by default, which might occasionally make it difficult to connect to the internet.

Go to Start > Settings > System and select Power & Sleep from the left-hand menu to modify your power settings. Click on Additional Power Settings under the Sleep section.

By doing this, you can access the Control Panel and modify your power settings. Make sure Turn off hard disc after and Sleep are both set to Never by clicking on Change plan settings next to your current power plan.

Use an alternative browser

Use a new web browser if you’re still having problems connecting to the internet. Changing to a different browser may assist if a particular one is occasionally having trouble connecting to the internet.

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Reset Your DNS

The DNS cache may need to be cleared in order to solve the WiFi disconnecting issue. To do it, just adhere to these easy steps:

  • To launch the Command Prompt, press + R, type cmd, then press Enter.
  • Ipconfig /flushdns is entered after typing it.
  • Enjoy your flawless internet connection now!
  • Start your computer again.
  • Try rebooting your computer if you’re still having difficulties connecting to the internet. This might occasionally assist in resolving any technical problems that might be the root of the issue.

Examine Any Interference

Interference from other devices is another reason why your connection might be having problems. Anything from a microwave to a baby monitor can fit this description. Try shifting your router to a different spot in your house or office if you think interference is the problem.

Moreover, your wifi connection can be obstructed by metal, concrete, and water. Try moving your laptop to a new area if you’re having problems connecting.

Switch Your Wireless Channel

Changing your WiFi channel could assist if you’re still having issues. You must open the router’s settings page in order to do this. When you are there, look for the wifi channel switching option and choose a new one.

Try toggling between the two channels that WIFI typically has: one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz.

Update the Firmware on Your Router

If you’ve tried everything listed above and you’re still having difficulties connecting, there may be a problem with the firmware of your router. Updates are frequently released by router makers to correct issues and enhance performance.

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You must go to the settings page of your router in order to check for updates. Find the option to check for or upgrade the firmware when you are there. To upgrade the firmware on your router, adhere to the instructions displayed on screen.

Run a virus check

If you’re still having issues, a virus or other malware may be to blame. See if anything is found by running a virus scan.

You might be surprised to learn that spyware and viruses can cause your laptop to lose its wifi connection.

Try utilising any anti-virus software you have installed on your computer to perform a virus scan. There are several free virus scanners online if you don’t already have one.

Verify Your ISP

If you’ve tried everything listed above and are still having problems, it’s probable that your ISP is to blame. Ask your ISP if there are any known problems in your neighbourhood.

Wrap up

Hopefully, at this time, you’ve figured out why your laptop keeps losing its wifi connection and how to fix it. If not, don’t give up hope! You can also experiment with other options, such as switching to a different router or altering your wireless channel. However, hopefully, one of these pointers will enable you to return to the web fast.

We hope that this article on why my HP laptop keeps losing its wifi connection will be useful in resolving the problem. Keep in mind that you can always ask your ISP or laptop manufacturer for help if everything else fails.

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