Who Puts Zippers Un Sleeping Bags

Zippers in Sleeping Bags

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Ever look up at the top of a sleeping bag, and see some weird zippers that are a little out of place? They might be used to unzip the sleeping bag when you’re ready to get out of it!

Who Put Zippers in Sleeping Bags

Zippers are one of the most common pieces of hardware that people use and they are also one of the most dangerous. Closing a zipper can cause the teeth to rip through the fabric and create a dangerous opening. In some cases, a zipper can even cause a person to suffocate if it gets stuck in their throat.

Zippers were originally designed as a way to help soldiers keep their clothes together while they were sleeping. Unfortunately, they have now become one of the most common pieces of hardware that can kill someone. It is important to be aware of the dangers posed by zippers and to use them safely.

Why are Sleeping Bags with Zippers Bad

Sleeping bags with zippers are a common safety hazard. They can easily be unzipped while you’re asleep, leading to suffocation. The risk of this happening is especially high if you have a sleeping bag that’s fitted with a single large zipper.

Disadvantages of Sleeping Bags with Zippers

There are several disadvantages of sleeping bags with zippers. First, they can be difficult to get open if you’re sleepy or have a cold. Second, it’s easy for the zippers to get caught in the fabric, which can cause them to break. Third, zipper sleeping bags can be quite noisy when you move around in them. Finally, they can also be hot and stuffy in summertime. If you’re considering a sleeping bag with a zipper, make sure you read reviews first to see if any of these disadvantages are a concern for you.

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What Should I Do if I Find a Sleeping Bag with a Zipper?

If you find a sleeping bag with a zipper, it’s important to take caution. Zippers can be dangerous if not properly secured. Here are some tips for keeping your zipper safe:

  • Make sure the zipper is fully closed before putting the sleeping bag away.
  • Keep the sleeping bag zipped up when not in use.
  • Lock the zippers using a security cord or another method.


Who puts zippers unsleeping bags? I do. And so does everyone else who relies on this essential piece of gear for backcountry adventures and other outdoor activities. To ensure that your sleeping bag stays zipped all night, you’ll need to use a sleeping bag zipper guard.

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