What MacBook Chargers Are Necessary?

What MacBook Chargers Are Necessary?

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Table of Contents

In this Article you will know How to Recognize a Genuine MacBook Charger and What MacBook Chargers Are Necessary?. Are you looking for dependable MacBook chargers? Our top four selections for MacBook chargers are included in this shopping guide!

The most effective laptops are part of Apple’s popular MacBook family: the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Sadly, there aren’t enough MacBook chargers.

Every Apple user is aware of the recommended replacement interval for MacBook chargers. Many consumers have trouble locating the MacBook charger that is best for their particular model. This is so that different chargers can be used with different MacBook models.

Are you trying to find a charger for your MacBook that will work properly? You will be able to choose a suitable charger for your MacBook by the end of this tutorial.

How to Recognize the Model of a MacBook

You must be aware of a MacBook charger’s model before buying one. To choose the charger with the right wattage, you must to know the year and size of the MacBook. How can I locate these specifications?

  • In the top left corner of the screen, tap the Apple logo.
  • Choose the first choice, “About This Mac,” from the dropdown menu.
  • Under the Overview tab, you can find your MacBook’s type, size, and year.
  • You can determine which charger will work with your MacBook based on these details.

The Sameness of all MacBook chargers

There are now 4 types of MacBook chargers:

  • Chargers that use USB-C are compatible with MacBook Air (2018) and MacBook Pro (2018 and later variants) (2016 and newer versions)
  • MacBook Air power adapters with MagSafe 2 (non-touch ID)
  • MacBook L-shaped MagSafe power adapters (2009-2010)
  • MacBook T-shaped MagSafe power adapters (2009-2010)
  • These power adapters come in a variety of wattage-based variations as well. For optimum operation, different MacBook models need a certain kind of charger. You must pick a replacement charger for your MacBook laptop that has the same setup.

Examine the Charging Cable

Separate cables and adapters are required for the USB-C chargers. These cables have a serial number that is alpha-numeric and matches the charger. For instance, cables with serial numbers marked with C4M or FL4 must be coupled with a 29/30W USB-C charger.

Before purchasing a new charger, make sure the proper cable is attached to your adaptor. If not, you can ask Apple for a replacement. You might not need to replace your charger if the charging cord is defective.

How Can You Tell When to Change Your Charger?

When your battery won’t charge, you must rule out the following three scenarios:

The battery may be the issue.

Tap the battery icon to view the battery health and find out. It will show a cross if the issue is there. Skip to the alternatives below if it indicates that the status is normal.

The Adapter is not working.

You’re having trouble with your charger, or it’s taking longer than usual. Check the adapter for any bent or melted parts as well as frayed external cables. Otherwise, the charger circuit, wiring, or AC-DC converter may have an internal issue. This indicates that you must get a new MacBook charger right now.

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IT can be the Charging Circuit for the Laptop.

You can only charge in shutdown mode if the issue still exists following the analysis mentioned above. This indicates that a part inside has been harmed. Your MacBook’s System Management Controller (SMC) could benefit from being reset. This resets the hardware elements involved in charging, including fans, LEDs, sensors, etc. The AppleCare Center, where you must submit your MacBook for repair, will be your final step.

Purchasing the Wrong MacBook charger

Purchased a MacBook charger of the incorrect type? Your MacBook won’t be harmed by genuine MacBook chargers. Additionally, using a charger with more power than necessary won’t result in faster charging. If you use a charger with far lower power than necessary, your smartphone might not charge at all.

Charge a MacBook Pro with a MacBook Air charger.

The 45W MagSafe 2 charger for MacBook Air may also be used to charge the MacBook Pro. However, using hefty programmes while the MacBook is charging will take a while.

However, the MacBook Air charger may not charge your MacBook Pro as quickly as the original charger while you are browsing and searching. The main cause is the charger’s greater power consumption (60W MagSafe 2 charger).

Apple advises caution while using the original chargers with varying wattages to charge MacBooks.

Charging a MacBook Air using a MacBook Pro charger

As was already mentioned, the MacBook Air’s charger uses fewer watts than the MacBook Pro’s. It will work if a 60W MagSafe 2 charger is used instead of the MacBook Air’s 45W MagSafe 2 charger.

The high-power charger might even charge your MacBook Air more quickly than the original charger.

However, using a high-watt charger to charge a MacBook Air with a low power consumption may shorten its battery life. Faster charging will cause the battery to heat up and affect how well it works overall.

What MacBook Chargers Are Necessary?

What distinguishes MagSafe from MagSafe 2?

The sizes of MagSafe and MagSafe 2 are both distinctive. There are two types of MagSafe chargers: L-style and T-style. A T-style charger is the MagSafe 2.

Due to the visual differences between MagSafe and MagSafe 2, you cannot replace them. The thick connector and shorter lead of the MagSafe T-style help to differentiate it. A longer wire and a slimmer connector are features of the new MagSafe 2.

Are MagSafe L and T compatible with one another?

The L-shaped MagSafe charger may be used in place of the T-shaped MagSafe adapter, and vice versa.

Using Several Chargers with a MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has numerous connectors. However, using two chargers does not result in a faster charge for your MacBook. This is so that the MacBook can only use the higher-wattage adapter’s electricity.

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How to Recognize a Genuine MacBook Charger

Can’t tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit MacBook chargers? You are protected by us! The fake charger will externally resemble the genuine one in terms of serial number, tags, and look.

Look in the System Report for the serial number that is listed there. The steps listed below will assist you in locating the genuine charger for your MacBook:

  • Plug in your MacBook and connect the charger to the AC power source.
  • In the search box under the spotlight, type “System Information.”
  • To access the “AC charger Information” tab, scroll down.
  • If the serial number is distinct rather than being all zeros, the charger is genuine.

How Safe Are Fake MacBook Chargers?

It’s risky to use fake MacBook chargers. They damage the battery and other MacBook components, have inferior isolation, low-quality parts, and delayed charging.

Due to overheating, the majority of phoney chargers ignite or explode. According to UL research, 99 percent of fake MacBook chargers pose a risk to user safety.

Replacement chargers for MacBooks

Replacement chargers are simple to find both online and offline. They are a reasonable option that might be suitable for you. But unlike the chargers for the original Apple MacBook, these are not UL approved.

This is due to the possibility that they will do minor harm to your MacBook’s components. Additionally, substitute chargers may have downsides like as overheating and quick discharge.

Therefore, it is preferable to get an authentic charger rather than risk damaging your pricey MacBook by using a phoney charger.

Compatible Chargers for the MacBook Air

The list of MacBook chargers and the compatible models is below.

Chargers for MacBook Air

  • MacBook Air 13″ (2018, 2019, 2020) and MacBook Air 13″ 30W USB-C Power Adapter (M1, 2020).
  • MacBook Air 13″ (2017, early 2015, early 2014, mid-2013, mid-2012) and MacBook Air 11″ 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (mid-2012, mid-2013, early 2014, early 2015).
  • For MacBook Air 13″ (mid-2011, late-2010, mid-2009), and MacBook Air 11″, a 45W L-shaped MagSafe is available (mid-2011, late 2010).

13″/14″ MacBook Pro chargers

  • 96W MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Max USB-C Power Adapter, 2021
  • 67W MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro USB-C Power Adapter, 2021
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13″, M1, 2020, and 61W USB-C Power Adapter (2020, 2019, 2018,2017, 2016).
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with 60W MagSafe 2 charger (early 2015, mid-2014, late 2013, early 2013, and late 2012).
  • L-shaped 60W MagSafe adapter for 13-inch MacBook Pro (mid-2012, late 2011, early 2011, mid-2010).
  • T-shaped 60W MagSafe Adapter for 13-inch MacBook Pro (mid-2009).

Chargers for MacBook Pro 15″ and 16″

  • MacBook Pro 16″ M1 Max 2021 140W USB-C Power Adapter.
  • 2019 MacBook Pro 16″ 96W USB-C Power Adapter
  • 2019–2018–2017–2016 87W USB-C Power Adapter for MacBook Pro 15′′
  • MacBook Pro 15″ Mid-2015, Mid-2014, Mid-2013, Retina Mid-2012 85W USB-C Power Adapter.
  • For the 15-inch MacBook Pro from mid-2012, mid-2011, get the 85L USB-C power adapter.
  • Mid-2009 MacBook Pro 15″ 2.53GHz 60W T-shaped MagSafe.
  • 85W shiny T-shaped MagSafe for 15-inch MacBook Pro, mid-2009, Core 2 Duo.
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17-inch MacBook Pro chargers

  • Mid-2010 L-shaped 85W MagSafe for the 17-inch MacBook Pro.
  • Early 2009 MacBook Pro 17″ T-shaped MagSafe, 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo. 85W.
  • 30W USB-C Power Adapter for MacBook 12″ 2017, early 2016, and early 2015 (not Air or Pro).
  • Mid-2010, late 2009: 60W L-shaped MagSafe for MacBook 13″.
  • Early to mid-2009 MacBook 13″ 60W T-shaped MagSafe power adapter.


Answers to some frequently asked questions about MacBook chargers are available here.

Can I Charge My MacBook with Any Device?

MacBook is compatible with charging cables of the USB-C variety. Any USB-C power adapter will work to recharge your MacBook. Nevertheless, it is advised to use the MacBook’s original charger. It guarantees that your MacBook will operate properly because using third-party chargers could be risky.

Why is the charger for the MacBook Pro so expensive?

A 16-bit CPU and numerous high-quality resistors, transistors, and capacitors may be found in a MacBook Pro charger. This processor helps prevent overheating or melting caused by high voltages or currents.

It shuts down in certain circumstances to protect both you and your Mac notebook. Additionally, the chip in the MacBook Pro charger has a unique serial number and kind. The MacBook is informed upon insertion of the type of charger and its serial number, enabling quick charging.

The MacBook Pro charger is made with high-quality parts that provide quick charging and solid safety features.

Can I Use a Phone Charger to Charge My Mac?

Comparatively speaking, the MacBook is larger than your phone. A USB-C phone charger could charge your MacBook slowly because it lacks the necessary amperage. However, unless there is no other option, it is not a good idea to use a phone charger for your MacBook.

A MacBook may be harmed by a fake charger.

The MacBook may probably sustain damage from fake chargers. They don’t have as many or as high-quality parts as the charger that came with the MacBook. They are not only dangerous, but also ineffective.

In addition to shock, melting, and explosion, they might harm the battery or other MacBook parts. You won’t be able to get Apple warranty because of this.

Third-party or aftermarket chargers may occasionally be just as effective as Apple’s. If money is tight, get a charger from a reputable manufacturer.

Final Reflections

The MacBook original chargers from Apple have quick and safe charging capabilities. However, they regularly need to be changed. With the knowledge provided above, one can successfully buy MacBook chargers. Be aware that fraudulent chargers are a waste of money and have been shown to harm MacBooks. Replacement chargers can be somewhat competitive, but they will never truly be an option to original chargers.


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