What Does the Degrees Mean on Sleeping Bags

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If you are keen on camping, then you likely know that sleeping bags can come in all shapes and sizes. You might also be wondering what the difference is between a warm bag and a cold bag? Here, we’ll cover both meanings of “Degrees” on sleeping bags in this article!

Sleeping Bag Basics

When it comes to choosing the right sleeping bag, there are a few things to consider. The most important factor is typically the insulation, but the temperature rating, weight and length of the bag are also important factors to consider.

Temperature Rating

The temperature rating is a measure of how warm a sleeping bag will keep you in cold weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is to choose a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping bags rated up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit are generally more comfortable and provide better insulation.

Weight and Length

Another important factor to consider when choosing a sleeping bag is its weight and length. Make sure you pick a size that will fit comfortably on your body. Sleeping bags that are too large or too short can be uncomfortable and lead to fatigue during prolonged periods of sleep.

Down vs Synthetic Bags

Down sleeping bags are made of feathers and down. Down is a natural insulation found in many bird species. It is a lightweight, warm and compressible material that retains its heat well. Down sleeping bags are less expensive than synthetic sleeping bags and often have a longer lifetime because they do not require dry cleaning.

Synthetic sleeping bags are made from a variety of synthetic materials such as polyester, microporous films or insulation foam. They are lighter, warmer and less expensive than down sleeping bags but do not retain heat as well as down sleeping bags. Synthetic sleeping bags require periodic washing to remove built-up bacteria and moisture.

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Temperature Setting on Sleeping Bags

If you’re looking for a comfortable sleep while outdoors, choose a sleeping bag with a comfortable temperature setting. Many sleeping bags have three temperature settings: cold, warm, and hot. Choose the setting that’s best for your body temperature.

If you’re camping in cold weather, set your sleeping bag at the cold temperature setting. This will keep you cool and comfortable. If it gets too cold, set the bag to the warm or hot temperature setting.

In warmer weather, set your sleeping bag at the warm or hot temperature setting. This will help you stay cool and comfortable. If it gets too hot, set the bag to the cold temperature setting.


If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that will keep you warm during the winter, it’s important to understand the degrees symbol. The “degrees” on a sleeping bag indicate how much insulation the bag has. For example, a bag with a temperature rating of 15 degrees means that the inside of the bag will be 15°F colder than the outside temperature.

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