Vango Capri 400xl Review 2022

Vango Capri 400xl

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If you want to spend the weekend in the woods but don’t want to feel cramped in your tent, read the Vango Capri 400xl review since this tent is the ideal option for you. The Vango Airbeam Capri 400 Tent is more spacious and comfortable than any other tent.

The Vango Capri 400 X-Large is a three-person air beam tent with sleeping, living, and outdoor spaces. The tent’s living room and built-in front give ample space for optimal comfort and convenience.

Vango Capri 400XL Review

Vango Capri 400XL Review


  • .Pitching and packing the flysheet and inner pitch together is straightforward and quick.
  • .The unique Vango tbs ii – tension band system ensures that your tent operates in any weather and may be disconnected if desired.
  • .The protex 70 denier polyester flysheet is water-resistant, long-lasting, and dependable. It’s exclusive to Vango and will keep you dry and comfy.
  • .Pre-attached front extension: provides more living space.
  • .Privacy curtains and diamond-clear pvc windows optimise light and visibility. the inner fabric is darker, you will not wake up at the crack of dawn. It blocks out light from the outside and prevents light from entering the tent, allowing you to sleep for extended periods of time.

The living room, on the other hand, features wide PVC windows that maximise the amount of light in the tent, making everything bright and visible.

Steel or fibreglass are heavier and less stable than Vango’s Airbeam technology. It is simple and straightforward to use. Simply use the Airbeam pump to inflate each Airbeam to the necessary pressure.

Vango Capri 400XL

Its pressure dial and release valve make it simple to operate and ensure that you receive the proper pressure. The pump features a reverse function that suctions out the air and returns the tent to its original position.

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The Capri 400 also comes with a Vango Airbeam excel side awning. It’s so you can create more space around the side entrance.

Furthermore, the flysheet and inner pitch work together to simplify pitching and packing. The rain-proof Pro-Tex 70 Denier fabric flysheet keeps the tent dry. On cooler nights, it preserves the warmth inside the tent.

Its Tension Band System ensures that the tent remains quiet and stable even in the face of heavy winds and other adverse weather conditions. It prevents the tent from moving sideways when tensioned.

The tent is 455 cm in length. It is 2655 cm wide. The tent is 190 cm in height and weighs 47.9 pounds.

  • The design is black throughout.
  • The size is ideal for packing.
  • A porch that is particularly handy.
  • It has an outstanding waterproof rating.
  • Per person, there is an astounding amount of space.
  • It’s heavy.
  • The side door does not have mesh.


To wrap up my Vango Capri 400 XL review, I’d like to highlight its large floor surface, which is uncommon in tents on the market. All of this is in stark contrast to traditional camping tents, which are measured by the number of sleeping pads that can be crammed into the floor. You’ve got a completely different concept here; the sleeping section is little, but the living room is huge, adding to the structure’s comfort.
The sensation of livability is enhanced with a big front porch, PVC windows, and a height of 80.7 inches (205 cm). If you require a whole car camping tent, this is the ideal option for couples or parents with 1–2 children.

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