Types of Energy

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The main sources of energy in the world are petroleum products, fossil fuel, natural gas, uranium and biomass. Each nation chooses the kinds of fuel so it uses depending on economic and environmental needs, though non-renewable energy sources are dangerous for the planet and human health.

Renewable energy sources renew themselves naturally without depleting the earth’s resources. Articles are bioenergy (organic subject burned to be a fuel), hydropower, geothermal energy and solar power.

Biomass is used to generate electricity by burning circular timber or additional organic products (including foodstuff waste, agricultural waste, sewage and animal manure) that contain stored solar powered energy. It also can be used to make steam and methane meant for industrial uses, as well as for space and drinking water heating.

Sun photovoltaic cells convert sun rays directly into DC electricity, which can be trapped in a power for use when the sunlight is unavailable. Distributed solar power systems, such as rooftop systems or community projects that power complete neighborhoods, is usually an effective method to meet community energy demands.

Wind energy harnesses the kinetic energy of the the wind by rotating large turbines. It can be used on land or offshore and has been a reputable source of electricity to get millennia.

Several types of renewable energy are viewed as a good choice pertaining to achieving government climate desired goals, but they experience important challenges. For instance , they are not at all times available at the same time frame and can be costly to deploy. There is the problem of intermittent source, which requires the development of new technologies to deal with and retailer the energy generated simply by renewable energy.

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