Top iPhone Pico Projector in 2022

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In this article you will learn about Top iPhone Pico Projector. If you want an iPhone projector with the best resolution, aspect ratio, brightness, and contrast ratio, what should you look for? You’re in the right place since we’ll help you connect your iPhone to a portable projector without any trouble. Our top devices allow you to stream wirelessly or via a USB connection with no effort. Let’s get started.

The Best Pico Projector Buying Guide for iPhone

You should make sure a pico projector is up to grade before purchasing it. Here is a quick guide and a list of things to look for before purchasing any iPhone pico projectors.

Luminosity of the image

The quality of mage is never compromised by a hypothetical pico projector. In this context, colour accuracy and contrast ratio are crucial, but ANSI lumens are the key deciding element. Typically, pico projectors have a few hundred lumens, which is adequate for everyday outdoor chores.

However, if you invest a little more money, you may obtain a projector with 1000 lumens or even more. You must assess your needs and make a decision in accordance with them.

Connection Methods

You should consider the projector’s connecting choices and compatibility when selecting a pico projector for an iPhone. The choices include using a wireless connection, a USB port, or a VGA converter.

The brand may cause them to change. Simply check to see if your preferred option is accessible or not.

Technology for displays

LED and DLP technologies are typically used when thinking about an outdoor projector for an iPhone. Additionally, you should look at the kind because it will directly affect the quality of the image you get.

When comparing picture sharpness and contrast ratio, DLP is significantly superior to LCD. Motion blur can occasionally be a problem with LCD displays. To achieve the best results, you must double-check with the lumens, contrast, and aspect ratio.

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Other Qualities

There are also additional less noticeable aspects that you might investigate. They feature short throw, dynamic lamp, motorised lens, automatic iris, lens shift, 4K, 3D, and HDR. They are also crucial to the image’s final brightness and quality.

Therefore, when looking for the best iPhone pico projector, you must consider these characteristics. Let’s go on to the area after that, where we’ve provided some excellent options.

Reviews of the top 3 iPhone Pico Projectors

Here are some reviews that may be helpful to you after looking at the criteria for a pico projector. We have collected these after considerable work and research in order to enhance your projector experience.

1.VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector Editor’s ChoiceCheck Price
2. AKASO WT50 Mini ProjectorCheck Price
3. Kodak Portable Iphone ProjectorCheck Price

1. A Pico Projector by VANKYO (Best Of The Best)

Our top pick for the best iPhone pico projector is the VANKYO model. The projector can display crisp, high-quality images because of its rich resolution, aspect ratio, and image contrast. Additionally, you can wirelessly use WiFi to connect it to your iPhone. A VGA adapter is necessary if you want to connect via the cord.


Image BrightnessLumens not specified
ResolutionSupports 1920×1080 pixels
Display TechnologyDLP
Connectivity OptionsHDMI, Wireless, USB
Image Contrast Ratio1000:1

In addition to having clear images, it is lightweight. You may quickly put it in your backpack or jeans pocket. You may carry it wherever you want, and it won’t take up additional room. Consequently, perfect for cheaply increasing your outside experience.

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Why Does It Catch Our Eye?

The 3D option it offers for the finest viewing experience is what makes it stand out. For the best viewing experience, you’ll also need supplementary active shutter 3D glasses and a sound source. If you want to watch movies and play games without any bother, this option would be fantastic.

  • 2 hours of battery life, not including external outlet insertion
  • Due to the gyro chip, the project orientation can change.
  • various projection and installation techniques
  • large-format images
  • additional devices for communication and safety
  • Avoid making noise.
  • Not the best way to display PowerPoint presentations.
  • No possibility to zoom in or out

2. AKASO Pico Projector 2. (Runner Up)

As the best little portable projector for iPhone, this pico projector is the runner-up. It excels due to the highest picture quality and won’t produce any motion blur because of cutting-edge DLP technology. Additionally, the quick casting process and high projection size both work best for obtaining a clear image.


Image Brightness50 ANSI lumens
Resolution1920 x 1080P
Display TechnologyDLP
Connectivity OptionsWIFI, USB, HDMI
Image Contrast Ratio1000:1

Additionally, it is fantastic for improving the gaming experience. You are free to download and use any application you choose. Additionally, it is simple to operate because to the touchscreen and remote’s various operating modes.

Why Does It Catch Our Eye?

Its adaptability accounts for its distinction. You may use it without any issues whether you’re inside or outside, watching Netflix or YouTube, on Android or iOS. With the aid of a WIFI connection and downloadable software, you can also watch live movies, play games, and watch matches from any location.

3. Mini Pico Projector by Kodak (Best Affordable Projector For Iphone & Android Phones)

This Kodak projector is the best inexpensive iPhone projector since it is affordable and of great quality. It is portable and lightweight. Put it in your coat pocket or backpack, then use it wherever you like. For a superb experience, it is also fully compatible with the iPhone, other mobile devices, laptops, and PC.


Image Brightness25 ANSI lumens
Resolution640 x 360 Pixels
Display TechnologyDLP
Connectivity OptionsUSB, HDMI, MicroSD
Image Contrast Ratio1300:1

The design of this mini projector is straightforward. As a result, it is simple to use and can be quickly set up to watch your favourite shows. If the connection is strong, the image quality is also outstanding and will meet your needs.

Why Does It Catch Our Eye?

It stands out due to its cost-effective strategy. Either indoors or outside, you may get all the features you need for a better viewing experience. Additionally, it is completely iPhone compatible, so you may link your phone to it while travelling in order to show presentations and watch movies.

  • A two-hour battery life
  • It is simple to use and offers several connection choices.
  • HQ video calibre
  • The affordable pico projector
  • ideal for use outdoors and when travelling
  • Important picture dimensions
  • Unsuitable for demanding gameplay

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Thus, the best pico projector for iPhone reviews were covered in full. To save you the trouble of searching, we’ve listed the top three goods with the best performance. You only need to specify what you want from the pico projector in terms of needs. You can proceed if you are certain about them.

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