how to zip two sleeping bags together

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Whether your camping trip is for a few days or an entire week, you’ll want to be prepared with a sleeping bag that’s comfortable enough to sleep at night, but also lightweight and easy to pack. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps of zipping two sleeping bags together just in case you run out of space in your backpack!

How to zip two sleeping bags together

Before you zip up your sleeping bags, it’s important to make sure the width of each bag is the same. To do this, measure the widest point of each bag and write these measurements down. Next, position one bag on top of the other so that the measurement from each end of the bottom bag line up with the corresponding measurement from each end of the top bag. Matching zippers should then line up in the middle. Zip up each side to make a complete sleeping bag.

Why should you zipper your bags together?

Zipping your sleeping bags together can be a great way to keep them warm and to ensure that they don’t get tangled up in the middle of the night. When zipped together, the sleeping bags will form a warm, enclosed space that will help to keep you warm while you sleep. Additionally, zipping your sleeping bags together can help to prevent them from getting dirty or matted down with debris.

How do you know if the zippers are even compatible?

When you’re looking to zip two sleeping bags together, it’s important to be sure the zippers are compatible. If they’re not, the zippers may not function properly and you may end up with a cold, uncomfortable night. To test if the zippers are compatible, put one of the sleeping bags between the zippers and pull both of them towards you. If they move evenly and don’t catch, the zippers are likely compatible. If one of the zippers doesn’t move easily or catches on something, it’s likely that the zipper is incompatible and you’ll need to find a new set.

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Proper placement of the zipper

Zipping two sleeping bags together can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re not used to it. The wrong placement of the zipper can cause frustration and even damage to your gear.

Here are some tips on how to zip two sleeping bags together properly:

  1. Place the zippers perpendicular to each other on either side of the bag.
  2. Make sure the teeth of the zippers are lined up perfectly against each other. If they’re not, you may have to adjust the zippers slightly before zipping them up.
  3. Grip the fabric at either side of the zipper and pull steadily towards you until both zippers are fully closed.


Zipping two sleeping bags together can be a hassle, but it’s important to do it right in order to stay warm. Follow these simple steps to zip two sleeping bags together painlessly and ensure you stay cozy all night long.

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