How to stop Overheating of Laptop when Gaming

How to stop Overheating of Laptop when Gaming

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In This Article You will Know How to stop Overheating of Laptop when Gaming. Are you trying to figure out how to use a laptop in bed without it being too hot?

You’re in the correct place, I suppose.

You can use a laptop anywhere you choose because it is portable. For instance, some people enjoy travelling. Some of us prefer to utilise it while sipping coffee in a college cafeteria. And I’m one of those students.

But hold on, some of us even respect people’s comfort zones. Because we are so reliant on technology, some people wish to use a laptop while lying in bed like you.

Don’t worry, nobody here is critiquing you. so I can occasionally use my laptop in bed without becoming too hot. Yes, but not too much.

However, when I’m lying down, my laptop doesn’t get hot. Why?

Let me briefly explain. You must first comprehend this because, like you, some of us have undoubtedly experienced laptop overheating troubles while using them on the bed.

How to stop Overheating of Laptop when Gaming

What Causes Your Laptop to Heat Up So Much?

To locate the solution, let’s jump inside the laptop.

How to avoid Overheating while using a Laptop.

Probably somewhere on the laptop, you observed the airflow. On the bottom of certain laptops are vents. On the left or right side, for some. Your laptop’s built-in fans create that airflow to keep it cool.

It is therefore easy to comprehend that using a laptop on a blanket or bed will prevent air from venting. Eventually, the heated heat will enter the laptop, and the laptop will gradually begin to heat up.

So what do I use to prevent my laptop from getting too hot? also, what you ought to do.

The answer to how to use a laptop while lying down is provided here.

How to avoid overheating while using a laptop in bed

You may use a variety of free and paid techniques to keep your laptop cool, and I’ll also reveal what I use myself. Don’t worry, a premium technique won’t set you back too much. The first is: which is quite helpful.

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1) Laptop Cooling Pad- Check Price

Laptop Cooling Pad

Okay, this is the simplest and most widely used way I’ve ever used to keep my laptop from overheating. You should budget between $30 and $40 for it. There are numerous models accessible online, and investing will require a large sum of money.

A cooling pad is what?

The cooling pad functions very similarly to a substitute for your laptop’s built-in fans. As seen in the image, it consists of two fans that are especially made to keep your laptop cool.

Check out the top cooling pads for laptops.

How are cooling pads used?

It is quite easy to use. You must place your laptop on it and use a USB cable to connect to it. The majority of models let you change the fan settings.

2) Portable Laptop Desk- Check Price

Portable Laptop Desk

It’s again another paid approach. But it’s deserving of it. Most laptop bed tables are designed for people who prefer to use their laptops while lying in bed. It is a foldable, adjustable table.

Put your laptop on it after you have adjusted to the proper position while lying down. Many modern tables come with built-in cooling fans and extra storage space where you may put a cup of tea to keep it from slipping and falling. In the end, it’s advantageous.

If you like to use your laptop on your lap, a bedside laptop table can be useful. Some are constructed of plastic, while others are made of aluminium. Both can be found online.

Ensure The Vents Or Exhaust Area Is Clean

It may be necessary to clean the vents before using a laptop in bed to prevent overheating. Vents are areas where the air that the laptop’s fans create exits the device. Even if fans occasionally attempt to blast out the air, vents often contain a layer of dust that makes the laptop overheat.

Cleaning the Fan

How are laptop fans cleaned? Be sure to clean the fans as well when you attempt to clean the vents. If you lack technological know-how, you might not know how to open the laptop and clean it. Simply visit a laptop store.

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Though it’s not that challenging. You can complete it on your own. So make sure you’ve safely cleaned the fans and cleared the area surrounding them of dust. By doing this, you can eliminate 60% of laptop overheating issues.

Maintain The Laptop

After six months, the laptop must be cleaned out. If your model is outdated, you will need to do it. Even if you get a cooling pad, it won’t do you any good. Things sounds nice if you want to handle it by yourself. Remove the laptop’s screws and vacuum or blow air over it to clean it. Ensure that none of the parts are harmed.

Making Use Of A Solid Surface

It is yet another crucial issue because a laptop need airflow. You may undoubtedly have overheating issues if you use a laptop while it is covered by a blanket. Use a hard surface, such a book or wooden cutting board, wherever possible.


  • If you’re not performing any graphic work, such as drawing, editing, or gaming, change the graphics settings. Your laptop will stay calm and conserve battery life if you do this.
  • Always place your laptop on a stable surface.
  • Keep the exhaust region accessible and clean at all times.
  • Use a laptop stand at all times. It’ll keep you in good health. If not, you can get back pain. I’m hoping you get what I’m saying because I was in that anguish only a year ago.
  • Use an oscillating fan right next to your laptop or PC.
  • If you’re not using your laptops for demanding tasks while in bed, lower the computer’s settings from maximum to medium.
  • Though most of us do not, I also advise keeping your laptop turned off when not in use. However, this will stop your laptop from operating and help you conserve battery life.


  • Do not use a laptop in your lab, please. Your legs will itch from the heat.
  • Do not sit on the bed and use a laptop while wearing your legs. The muscles in the neck ache as a result.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should A Laptop Be Stored While Being Used In Bed?

It is something that is really, extremely crucial when using a laptop. Consequently, using a laptop stand, table, or anything similar is the best position for using a laptop. Whether you’re lying in bed or sitting in a chair, you should never use a laptop on your lap. Your health will suffer, and you’ll get neck ache.

How Can I Measure My Laptop’s Temperature?

A good query. I strongly advise utilising Core Temp software, which will keep track of the CPU’s temperature and other crucial data. The software is ideal for keeping track of the temperature.

Why does my laptop heat up even when I keep it on the bed?

Well, we already talked about the reasons why laptops and PCs get too hot on beds. Please look through the above point to determine the cause.

Is It Inappropriate To Use Your Laptop While Lying in Bed?

True, it’s unpleasant. The heat from a laptop on your lap will aggravate your legs. Never, then, place it on your lap.

What Do I Use To Stop My Laptop From Overheating While I’m Sleeping?

I do, however, have a laptop stand that is really helpful to me. It’s reasonably priced. You can follow that if it works for you.

Final Reflections

I’m hoping you’ll grasp how to use a laptop without getting too hot in bed. Now all you have to do is adhere to the advice I gave above.

Additionally, if you don’t stop your laptop from overheating, a component may be harmed.

Therefore, always strive to select the finest surface for your laptop, and take use of your comfort zone.



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