How to Hook up Nintendo Switch to Projector in 2022

Nintendo Switch

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In this article you will learn about how to Hook up Nintendo Switch to Projector in 2022. The Nintendo Switch is a video game console from the eighth generation. Its hybrid nature between a home console and portable gameplay makes it stand out from the competition. Due to its incredibly quick sales, it was difficult to find one in the market until recently. Of course, who would pass up the opportunity to enjoy both mobile gaming and big-screen gaming in one package?

If you were able to locate a switch, you would presumably be searching for instructions on how to connect a Nintendo switch to a projector. It pairs perfectly with a projector thanks to its portability and adaptability in terms of connectivity. Let’s face it, a 100-inch flat-screen TV just cannot compete with the user experience offered by a projector.

The market is filled with cheap, huge display projectors that will provide you the best possible theatrical experience. Every gamer’s goal is to have a Nintendo Switch connected with a projector. Check out our comprehensive buying advice here if you’re wanting to purchase the finest projector for the Nintendo Switch. Here is a simple how-to manual for connecting a Nintendo Switch to a projector.

Nintendo Switch: The Origin

Nintendo previously introduced the Wii-U, a huge failure. Because of its limited motion control, which could not support many games, this was the cause. The system also had few alternatives and a lot of technical capabilities, which prevented it from drawing gamers to it. So Nintendo created the Nintendo Switch, which was so well received by the general public that there was a large waiting list for it.


Both avid players and casual ones enjoy this dual, home and portable console. All of the Nintendo original titles as well as games from other developers are available on the Switch. This raises the switch’s value. Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Dark Souls Remastered are a few of the most well-known and popular third-party games.

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The region-free feature is another excellent feature that is not available on other platforms. Simply said, regardless of where you bought your console, you can access all the games you’ve purchased from anywhere in the world and play them on it.

The switch outputs a 1080p signal for use with a large display, like a projector or monitor. It produces stunning images at 720p quality even in tablet mode. It connects quickly to a projector and an HDTV in the same way. All that your projector needs is an HDMI port. You won’t have to worry about your game progress every time you transition from the projector to the portable mode because it switches quickly. From the same place in the projector that you left it in the console, your game will continue.

Instructions for Hook Up a Nintendo Switch to a Projector

A 6.2-inch tablet, two joy-con controllers, a joy-con grip, a TV dock, an HDMI cable, and a charger are all included with the Nintendo Switch. You can connect your switch to the projector with just an HDMI cable and TV dock, and you are ready to go.

The procedure is simple if your projector has an HDMI connector. However, it becomes a little more challenging if you own a vintage projector that does not have an HDMI input but instead supports RCA for media players and VGA for monitors. You will be guided through each of these situations.

Nintendo Switch connection to a projector with HDMI port

  • You may connect the switch to a TV, projector, or monitor using the dock station. To begin, you must take off the Nintendo Switch dock’s back cover.
  • Add a “AC ADAPTER” tag to the top terminal of the dock and connect one end of the USB plug from the Nintendo Switch AC adapter. Next, screw the adapter’s other end into a socket.
  • Take your HDMI cable and attach one of its ends to the “HDMI OUT”-labeled bottom-most terminal of the dock. The free end of the HDMI cable should now be connected to the HDMI port on your projector.
  • The switch’s dock’s back cover should then be closed. You must now dock your console in the dock. The joy-con controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch system are fastened to its sides, so you must first remove them. You must first register the controllers in order to utilise them as wireless controllers if they weren’t already linked to your console.
  • When placing your console into the dock, make sure the LCD screen is facing the dock’s front panel.
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Your game will be visible as soon as you switch on your projector or monitor. When you transfer from the dock to the console and vice versa, the Nintendo Switch has a nice function that remembers your progress.

Nintendo Switch connection to a projector without an HDMI port

An HDMI port is not commonly found on projectors. This can be the case since the projector is an old-style LCD or LCoS model. You need an adapter or converter to connect your Nintendo Switch to a projector without an HDMI connector. The appropriate HDMI to component converter or adapter for your projector is what you need in this situation.

The remaining procedures are identical to those for a projector with an HDMI connector. Simply make sure you purchase an HDMI to A/V converter and not the opposite.


It requires no introduction how popular Nintendo switches are. With its mobility and connectivity choices, this hybrid offers countless options. The Nintendo Switch allows you to enjoy games whether you want to play them at home with your family or on the go.

The HDMI cable handles everything, so connecting a Nintendo switch to a projector is quite simple. Just connect your projector to the dock. The lack of an HDMI port makes things a little more difficult. But to fix this problem and enjoy stunning pictures at full HD 1080p quality, all you need is an HDMI convertor or adaptor.


Q. Is there a difference in how a Nintendo Switch and other game systems project images?

A: No, for all game consoles the procedure is much the same. Since the Switch is a portable system, the only major difference would be the settings that need to be changed on the Switch itself.

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Q. How can I determine whether my projector and my Nintendo Switch are compatible?

A: The projector’s user manual is the best place to look for information. It ought to have a list of supported hardware and input formats. You can also look on the manufacturer’s website if you can’t find your manual there.

Q. What if my projector isn’t compatible with the Nintendo Switch?

A: Even if your projector is incompatible with the Switch, you can still use an adapter to link the two devices

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