How to Fix Mattress Indentation

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When sleeping on a mattress, you might feel as though the indentation from your body weight is too deep. The following article offers tips for how to fix this issue.

How does mattress indentation happen?

Mattress indentation may be the result of multiple factors, but it can often be corrected with a bit of effort. Here are four tips to help fix your mattress:

  1. Remove any extra pillows or blankets from your bed. These items can add weight or pressure to the bed, which can cause indentation.
  2. Check for any wires or ropes that may be tying down your bedding. This can cause excessive pressure on the mattress and lead to indentation.
  3. Raise the bed off the floor by using adjustable bed frames or risers. This will help distribute weight more evenly and reduce pressure on the mattress.
  4. Replace your mattress if it shows signs of wear or tear. A worn out mattress will not provide the support you need and may contribute to indentation.

Prevention of Indentation

Prevention of mattress indentation is essential to keeping your bed in good condition and preventing any potential damage. Here are some tips to help keep your bed in perfect condition:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembling and inflating the mattress. Make sure that you do not over-inflate the mattress, as this can cause it to sag and cause indentations.
  2. Always use a fitted sheet on your bed to prevent fabric from rubbing against the metal springs. This will also help keep the bed clean and free of dust mites.
  3. Do not place heavy objects on top of the bed or use excessive pillows, as these can also cause indentations in the mattress. Instead, use small, low-impact pillows that will not cause pressure points on your spine.
  4. Keep your bed clean by regularly vacuuming all surfaces and using a dust mite inhibitor sheets when necessary. Be sure to remove all stains and allergens immediately so that they do not become trapped in the fabric of the mattress.
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Fixing the Indentation

Mattress indentation is a common issue that can be frustrating. Here are some tips to help you fix it.

  1. Check the mattress for tears or rips. If there are any, address those first before trying to fix the indentation.
  2. Remove any excess bedding and padding from the mattress. This includes everything from bed sheets and comforters to pillows and stuffed animals.
  3. Use a foam roller on a medium-hard setting to work out any kinks or folds in the mattress coverings.
  4. Use a mattress mallet or another heavy object to gently bounce the mattress several times while pressing down on it with your hands. This will help redistribute the weight evenly and break up any lumps or bumps in the bed padding.
  5. Replace any worn out bedding, padding, or mattresses and give them a fresh coat of bed bug protection spray.

What to do about a Backache?

If you are dealing with back pain, the first step is to determine if the cause is located in your mattress or in your back. If the pain is located in your back, you will need to see a doctor for an evaluation. However, there are some things that you can do at home to help relieve your back pain. Here are a few tips:

-Get a good night’s sleep: The quality of your sleep is key when it comes to reducing back pain. Make sure that you are getting enough rest and that your bed is comfortable.

-Make sure that your mattress is firm: A too-soft mattress can cause additional tension in your back due to its inability to distribute weight evenly. Choose a mattress that feels firm but not too hard.

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-Stay active: Moving around and doing exercises can also help reduce inflammation and pain in the back. In addition, strengthen your abdominal muscles by doing sit-ups or crunches regularly.


If you’re noticing that your mattress is sinking in the middle or bunching up in certain areas, it might be time to take a look at its foundation. Mattress indentation can be caused by a number of factors, including low-quality bed frames, improper support during sleep, and excess weight. If you feel like your mattress is not giving you the support it should be, consult with a professional to see if there are any fixes that can be made.

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