How many lumens do you need to project in daylight?

How many lumens do you need to project in daylight?

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How many lumens do you need to project in daylight? No one can give an exact answer to this question, but we can give you an estimate if you’re interested.

2500 lumens are required to project in daylight, while 3600 lumens is recommended.

This range is for daytime viewing, not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight projection requires 120,000 lumens, which no projector can provide today. The article discusses this later.

Consider your needs before purchasing a projector. We’ve listed the best projectors for daylight viewing to help you choose.


Before setting up a projector for daytime use, consider the following factors.

1) Sunlight isn’t direct

No projector can match direct sunlight’s 120,000-lux brightness. Sunlight on your projection screen will prevent projection.

Sunlight damages the projection, heats the lens, and damages the projector’s inner body. Avoid direct sunlight.

2) Project in Room

Always project in shade. If the projection surface is near windows, cover them with curtains for better projection.

3) Dim the lights

Make your room as dark as possible to reduce eye strain. This is a must-do in the office, home, or classroom. It relaxes and prevents squinting eyes.

If you have a projector with lumens between 2500-3600, dimming the room from 30% to 60% will drastically change the display brightness.

4) Wall projection recommended?

Can you project on a wall? Yes, it’s true. Wall projection isn’t recommended. Even white walls absorb rather than reflect light.

If you must project on a wall, use projection paint. This will improve your display, but it’s not what you want.

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Best projector under $100

5) Daylight projection with projector screen

Using the wall as a projection display is problematic because it absorbs more than it reflects.

A wall can’t provide good reflection for projection. Using a dedicated projector screen is helpful because of its highly reflective surface. This maximises lumens.

For better projection, use a projector screen instead of a wall.

Screen Gain

The projector screen’s main mechanism is screen gain. Improves screen reflection. If your projection screen’s gain is 1.3x and your projector’s lumens brightness is 1300, the projected lumens brightness will be 1690.

If you have a low-cost projector, use a projector screen to see a difference.

7) Projector positioning

Projector placement affects screen size. Too far or too close will result in a blurry or faded display, respectively.

Projector throw ratios determine everything. Short, long, and ultra-short throw ratios are available.

Short throw projectors produce a 100″ screen display from 8-12 feet, while short throw projectors do so from 2-3 feet. Throw ratio knowledge is crucial for a bright display.

8) Daylight projectors

The projector you use is another major factor. Projectors aren’t made for bright rooms. We’ve listed the best projectors for daytime viewing to make your job easier.


So, 2500-3600 lumens are ideal for daylight projection, but it’s not everything. We tried to answer every question you had so you’d know exactly what you wanted.

We hope this article helped you understand “how many lumens to project in daylight.”

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