How many lumens do I need for a bright room projector?

How many lumens do I need for a bright room projector

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Along with resolution and projection size, a projector’s brightness is an important factor. When buying a projector for bright rooms, it’s the most important factor. Brighter projectors are better because they can counteract the bright sunlight and keep the image visible. Let’s discuss how many lumens a bright room projector needs.


ANSI lumens are used to measure a projector’s brightness. The higher a projector’s lumen number, the brighter its projected image, so you can see it in a bright room with ambient lighting or sun exposure.

Originally, projectors were only used in dark rooms, which is why cinemas have no windows. With technological advances, projectors could be used in daylight in rooms with windows. Now there are projectors with enough lumens to be used outdoors.

How many lumens is a bright projector?

To determine the ideal projector brightness for a bright room, do two things:

Where’s your projector?

Home theater projectors are mostly used for entertainment. Some use it for visuals and arts. Home theater projectors require the most lumens because they’re usually placed in bright rooms.

Where’s the projector?

Your man cave? Looking for a home projector? Or your backyard patio? Where the projector is placed and how bright the area are key factors.

No projector can match the sun’s 12,000 lumens of brightness. A 2,000-2,500 lux projector can be used in a bright room. For a bright room projector, 3,000 lumens is ideal. Anything above 3,500 – 4,000 lux brightness can be used outdoors, like in your backyard.

Brightest projectors

If you want a projector for bright rooms, read our detailed review and editor’s recommendation.

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A brighter projector doesn’t mean a better picture. A projector’s resolution, contrast ratio, and brightness determine the picture’s quality.


We hope our guide helped you determine how many lumens a bright room projector needs. Query? Leave a comment.

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