How can I free up RAM on my laptop in 2022?

How can I free up RAM on my laptop in 2022?

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In This Article You will know about How can I free up RAM on my laptop in 2022? Do you frequently run out of RAM on your laptop and have to force shut down programmes to create place for new ones?

Do you ever feel that your laptop could use a speed boost and is running slowly?

If so, you might be able to upgrade your laptop’s RAM without spending a dime! We’ll demonstrate how to carry it out. And here is a guide on how to upgrade a laptop’s RAM without spending money on a new memory module.

How can RAM be freed up on a Laptop?

Having sufficient RAM can be crucial. Your laptop will start to significantly slow down if your memory keeps running out. The ways to free RAM expansion for your laptop are listed below.

  • Look up the specifications of your laptop. The solution is to use a tool like CPU-Z or go to the manufacturer’s website. You can find out here how much RAM and what kind of RAM your laptop has.
  • How much RAM can your machine handle? You might be able to discover this information online or by getting in touch with the producer. Before continuing, it’s crucial to learn that the majority of laptops can only support up to 8GB of RAM.
  • Buy and set up fresh memory modules. If your laptop can accommodate more RAM than 8GB, you’ll need to buy two 4GB modules to get the most memory you can. Make sure to purchase the appropriate RAM for your PC.
  • Remove the outdated memory modules by opening the laptop’s lid. Release the clips holding them in place to accomplish this.
  • Place the new modules in the available slots. Make sure the modules are correctly seated before continuing.
  • Put the laptop’s cover back on and turn it on. Now, you ought to have more RAM accessible for your programmes!
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I’m done now! Your laptop can now benefit from a free RAM upgrade. This is a fantastic method for accelerating a sluggish machine, and Windows will take care of the additional modules automatically.

There are a few free methods you may use to increase the RAM on your laptop. Using a software programme like CCleaner to remove outdated programmes and files from your computer’s RAM is one option. To improve the performance of your computer, you can also utilise an application like Razer Cortex. If your laptop has an available slot, you can also upgrade the RAM in it.

Since more RAM provides your computer more memory to work with, it’s frequently the greatest option to increase your laptop’s performance. If your laptop has an available RAM slot, you can buy and install some extra memory. As an alternative, you might ask the staff at a nearby computer store to handle it for you.

A application called CCleaner may remove temporary files, delete cookies from your browser, and clean up numerous other pieces of junk from your computer. In order to increase RAM, this action makes some space available on your computer’s hard drive.

Any game you are playing can have its settings optimised using the Razer Cortex gaming tool. This frequently results in a significant performance boost for your laptop, enabling you to play games that need more power than usual.

In the event that none of these solutions work for you, you might need to upgrade your laptop’s hardware or buy more RAM. If so, bring your laptop to a store and have fresh RAM installed; they can also advise you on the best kind of RAM to buy.

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Utilizing a memory management tool such as Memory Cleaner is another technique to maximise the RAM on your computer. This tool frees up RAM for running applications, enhancing performance and increasing the speed of your computer.

How to get free PC RAM upgrades from 4GB to 8GB?

You must pay to expand the RAM on your computer. There are a few techniques to maximise the use of the RAM you already have, though.

Using a 64-bit operating system is one approach to make the most of the RAM in your computer. If you’re currently using a 32-bit OS, switching to a 64-bit OS will enable you to utilise all of the memory that your PC has to offer because a 64-bit OS can utilise more than 4GB of RAM.

How do I increase my PC’s RAM?

You may do a few things to increase the amount of RAM on your computer. Increasing the number of RAM sticks in your computer is one possibility. A different choice is to buy RAM sticks with a larger capacity than your present ones. By consulting the paperwork or getting in touch with the manufacturer, you can learn how much RAM your machine can handle. There are several internet instructions available if you’re unsure how to accomplish it.

Making use of software tools like ReadyBoost is another option to boost the RAM on your computer. To increase the amount of RAM accessible, this utility makes use of a USB flash drive. It’s crucial to remember that ReadyBoost won’t function on memory that is less than 256MB.

How can I free up RAM on my laptop in 2022?

How is RAM Freed Up?

It’s a valid question that is frequently posed. One of the most crucial components for a computer to have is RAM since it keeps things working properly. But occasionally, especially if you’re running several programmes simultaneously, your machine may begin to experience RAM issues.

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So what can you do to make some more RAM available? Here are some pointers:

  • Shut off any extraneous programmes.

Close any programmes you’re not using. This will release some priceless RAM.

  • Delete any undesirable folders or files.

Delete any files or folders you no longer require if you have any! A portion of your RAM will be liberated as your hard disc becomes more space-efficient.

  • Any background programmes should be stopped.

Some programmes could continue to operate in the background even while you aren’t actively utilising them. The “Task Manager” or “Activity Monitor” tools in Windows can be used to search for these kinds of programmes (on Mac). Stop any superfluous processes from running because doing so can free up a lot of RAM on your computer.

Regularly empty your recycle bin, trash can, or downloads folder!
If you have a file with a temporary name saved in either of these locations, it is occupying storage space unnecessarily. To make place for more files, be sure to frequently wipe up both of these folders.

  • Enhance your RAM.

Although it may be your final option, you might want to think about boosting your RAM if your computer is having trouble keeping up with all of your programmes. Your computer will have more area to breathe as a result, which will improve performance.


Increasing the RAM on your laptop shouldn’t cost you anything, and it will speed it up significantly. You could even be able to run additional programmes simultaneously. Just stick to these simple instructions, and your laptop will be speedier in no time!


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