Extra Large Waterproof Outdoor Tent with Canvas Wall

Waterproof extra Large Tent 

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Extra Large Waterproof Tent with Canvas Wall

Outdoor Waterproof extra Large Tent with Canvas Wall






I have a fantastic tent for you now. The Alpha wall tent is an outdoor waterproof tent with a canvas Alpha wall tent and an aluminum frame.

For outfitters, this bright tent is built of superior 100 percent cotton canvas fabric, making it suited for usage in the backwoods and outdoors.

It’s an outside tent, as the name implies, and the characteristics it has make it excellent for hunting, camping, and glam-ping in the great outdoors.

Because it provides ultraviolet protection and is mildew resistant, you may stay warm and cosy in the winter while maintaining the same skin tone in the summer. These characteristics make this tent popular among travelers.

The free-floating PVC floor of the outdoor waterproof tent is so convenient that you won’t need to buy it separately.

Additional flaps are included with the doors to assist keep the sun and rain out. For added protection, the tent usually comes with a 6-inch awning that you may set up over your entrance.

Zippers are another significant aspect of the tent; it includes YKK zippers and a no-see-um mesh door for added privacy. You can look at these finest 8-person tents if you want to look at other tents in the same area.

Main Characteristics

  • Tent that can withstand the elements
  • Bug mesh is available for doors and windows.
  • A robust aluminium frame keeps everything in place.
  • Tent that is resistant to mildew
  • Tent with UV protection
  • Zippers are made by YKK.
  • A free-floating PVC floor ensures a long-lasting tent.
  • A tent with four seasons
  • 8 to 10 people can be accommodated.
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  1. Bug mesh is available on the doors and windows of this water-resistant tent.
  2. A robust aluminium frame keeps everything in place.
  3. Tent that is resistant to mildew
  4. Tent with UV protection
  5. Zippers are made by YKK.
  6. A free-floating PVC floor ensures a long-lasting tent.


  1. The money was not well spent.
  2. It isn’t a long-lasting tent.
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