Extra large family camping tents from Ozark Trail Base

Ozark Trail Base extra large family

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Ozark Trail Base extra large family camping tents

Ozark Trail Base extra large family camping tents for on be trailer


  1. 1.Family Cabin Tent 14 Person Base Camp 4 Rooms Hiking Camping Shelter Outdoor
  2. 2.Blue, Yellow
  3. 3.Camping & Hiking



The Ozark Trail Base Camp is a terrific choice if you’re going camping with your family or a group of friends and need a large camping tent.

A large camping tent that can comfortably accommodate up to 14 individuals is an excellent alternative for those with a large family.

There are 12 windows in the tent to allow ventilation and maintain freshness while keeping out the humidity and preventing suffocating. The tent may require some talent to set up, but it just takes 20 minutes to put together the entire tent.

Ozark Trail Base Camp is also a huge camping tent with rooms, with a spacious interior partition of four independent rooms. Room dividers can be twisted together to create a huge sitting area.

The tent can accommodate 14 people as well as 5 queen air mattresses.

Each of the four rooms has its own entrance with four different doors. There are also three internal divisions to protect your privacy. The camping tent is also 20 x 20 x 78 inches in size.

Your gear and supplies are stored in a cupboard inside the tent. This tent also has a media pocket to keep the crew entertained. The ventilation factor is satisfied once more here, with eight windows and a mesh floor providing excellent airflow.

It has an e-port for plugging in an extension cord. The internal helpful compartments keep your tiny miscellaneous items protected.

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It’s a huge and well-layered winter camping tent.

Additionally, this camping tent includes an E-port for charging your electronic devices during your overnight stay.

Another fantastic feature of this tent is that it comes in two brilliant colours: yellow and blue, which complement any season. The camping tent can be utilised in two to three different seasons as the seasons change.



  1. Bug mesh is available for doors and windows.
  2. A robust aluminium frame keeps everything in place.
  3. Tent that is resistant to mildew and UV rays
  1. Not suitable for all seasons

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