Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tent for 10 People

Columbia Mammoth Creek

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Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Person Cabin Tent

Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Person Cabin Tent









The Columbia Mammoth is a cabin with a small footprint. It’s a free-standing tent with a 78-inch peak height.

This well-built tent has two chambers for you in the entrance chamber, each with two wide doors. The main door is double-sized and has an inverted T-shape zipper. For ceiling protection, it only has a little fly. It has a zipper on the inside panel that can be used to close the window if it gets too cold or rains.

There are four principal windows and three supplementary windows on the doors. Both mesh and zip panel systems have two layers. These side windows are extremely intriguing, as shown in the photographs below.

The ventilation case in Columbia Mammoth is ideal. Zippered panels are used to mesh the doors and windows, as well as the ceiling. This tent also features an inverted T-shaped zipper that makes it easy to use the sewn-in privacy partition.

The Omni-Shield coated fabric’s increased repulsion has one exception. According to the manufacturer, this Omni-Shield fabric dries 3-5 times faster than untreated cotton, allowing it to remain lightweight.

The floor is a thickly covered polyester bathtub. The holes are in the No-See-Um mesh. People frequently choose a tent with screen rooms, so if you’re one of them, don’t forget to visit the best tent link.

Main Characteristics

  • There is enough room for ten persons.
  • On the floor, there is a bathtub.
  • There are also ground vents.
  • Excellent ventilation is provided.
  • There are no-see-um mesh windows, doors, and panels on the market.
  • Storage pockets are included into the design.
  • A room barrier is used for seclusion.
  • This lightweight tent comes with a rainfly.
  • There is access to covered electrical cords.
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  1. There are also ground vents.
  2. Excellent ventilation is provided.
  3. There are no-see-um mesh windows, doors, and panels on the market.
  4. Storage pockets are included into the design.
  5. A room barrier is used for seclusion.
  6. A makeshift shelter
  7. The rainfly population is kept to a bare minimum.


  1. The directions are terrible and make it impossible to put together.
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