Best screen for short throw projector in 2022

Best screen for short throw projector

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Due to the limited living space in areas like New York City, short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors have recently become more popular. A short-throw projector is your solution if you want to enjoy a big, large screen and have a cinema feeling yet you have a little or constrained space. The best screen for short-throw projectors is required for this.

Let’s face it, most of us do not enjoy having a large projector constantly installed in our ceilings. That is extremely difficult to set up, and some of us could even lack the space for it. A short-throw (ST) or ultra-short-throw (UST) projector can be useful in this situation. These projectors are designed specifically for compact locations that desire to experience a large screen.

But a short-throw projector can simply not be used with any screen. Technically, you could put any piece of cloth in front of it and observe the image, but that would defeat its purpose of it. You must have the greatest screen for your short-throw projector if you want to take use of all the capabilities of the new purchase.

Why would you want to purchase a short-throw projector for a tiny room?

Projectors with short or ultra-short throw distances are designed specifically for rooms with limited space. Because of its unique wide-angle lens, you may maintain and position it quite close to the short throw projector screen. In contrast, if you set a regular projector in close proximity to a screen that doesn’t have a wide-angle lens, the image may be warped and the screen may not be able to get the entire image from the projector.

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This issue can be solved by using a short-throw projector, which can be positioned as little as a few feet or inches from the screen. Because of the lengthy distance, placing the projector near to the screen also eliminates any shadows cast by objects on the screen. Additionally, it typically does not require attachment to the ceiling, making it ideal for people who rent small apartments. These are some of the explanations for why, if you live in a tiny place, you should always choose a short-throw projector.

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A buying guide for the ideal screen for projectors with a short throw

We’ve talked about how critical it is to have a short-throw projector for tiny spaces, but it’s also crucial to have a separate screen for the projector you just bought. If you have an old projector screen that you previously used with your old projector, I advise against using it with a short-throw projector because it probably won’t display the maximum resolution. A short-throw projector screen is necessary if you want to get the most out of your short-throw projector.

But it might be challenging to narrow down the finest screens for short-throw projectors with so many alternatives available. This article is for you if you just do not know what to look for on such a screen. When searching for the ideal screen for a short-throw or ultra-short-throw projector, bear the following considerations in mind:

Screen’s exterior

When it comes to short-throw projector screens, the material of choice is perhaps where most people get confused. So many people confuse the two. Unless the surface’s material is suitable with showing the sort of image, it becomes challenging to have a full resolution picture while the projector is projecting images at a close distance. The surface of a screen for short-throw projectors should be matte (not shiny), smooth, and free of ridges or other irregularities.

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Avoidances while selecting a screen material

The materials that you must avoid at all costs are drywall and surfaces made of non-tensioned materials. These are highly rough surfaces, thus projectors with even short throws should not be used on them. Short throw projectors’ screens can cast shadows even in the case of the smallest edge or texture disruption. Additionally, the AKR (Regular Ambient Lighting Rejecting) must be completely avoided.

What kind of screen material to use

You should seek out screens with exceptionally smooth surfaces and no bumps or edges in their construction. Short throw projectors typically work well with screens made of the FlexiGrey/FlexiWhite material. Deep white or light grey should be the hue of the screen.

Our top picks for the ideal short-throw projector screen

It’s time to make your decision now that you have enough fundamental understanding about what to look for when purchasing the best screen for short-range projectors. With so many choices online, we’ve streamlined the process for you and prepared a list of the top projector screens for close proximity:

Editors’ pick

The STR-169120 Silver Ticket Projector Screen is the editor’s pick for the best screen for short throw projectors. The optimum screen for a short-distance projector has a 120′ diagonal surface with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

1. STR-169120 Silver Ticket Projector Screen

STR-169120 Projector Screen

Key Features of the STR-169120 Projector Screen:

The fabric has 1.0 grain and is light grey in colour, as we advised. When compared to a white piece of paper, you might observe a white reflection that is gone.
When used with a short throw projector, it has a tensioning rod system that guarantees the same degree of quality as a movie theatre.
The smoothest surface prevents resolution loss at any angle. Consequently, this screen will ensure that you get the most out of your tiny projector even if its resolution is already low.

Other recommendations

Here are some more goods that consumers purchase in addition to STR-169120

2. P-Jing projector screen

P-Jing projector screen

Key Features:

  • The highest grade surface material that never wrinkles.
  • Sized at 150 inches, with HD resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Perfect for close-range projectors.

3. JWSIT Projector screen

JWSIT Projector screen

Key Features:

  • 135-inch screen with a 160-degree viewing angle.
  • Short-throw projectors are incredibly light, collapsible, and portable so they may be set up anywhere.
  • Very easy to put up, and even easier to clean.


The appropriate screen for a short-throw projector is crucial, to put it simply. We sincerely hope that this thorough advice has aided you in making the best decision. Visit our homepage to read more intriguing articles on projectors and other topics.

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