Best Projector For Golf Simulator in 2022

Best Projector For Golf Simulator in 2022

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Are you searching for the top projector for enjoyment with a golf simulator?

You are in the proper place whether you are new to golf simulators or have been using them at home for some time. In order for you to quickly set it up and take use of its wonderful capabilities, we have compiled a list of the top-rated projectors for golf simulators.

The brightest and sharpest images are provided by the best projectors for golf simulators. It is crucial to purchase one that gives you a high-quality image. In conclusion, don’t skimp on quality only to choose projectors that are more reasonably priced.

We did our research, read customer evaluations of the top home golf simulator projectors, and put together this list for you in order to save you from any hassle.

The Best Projector Buying Guide for Golf Simulators

Reaction Time

When using digital projection of this calibre, the response rate is the main consideration. You should choose a device with a quick response time and more advanced game mode options.

Therefore, you could become upset if you find a projector with the lowest resolution in a square shape or any other simple projector. An excellent response rate is something you want. The best response time for projection devices is thought to be between 7.5 and 8.5 milliseconds.

Choices for projectors include laser models, ultra-short throw brands, short throw models, and long throw models. But you’ll need a response time that coincides with your ideal throw ratio.

Throw ratio and image quality

Picture quality is a key consideration. If you cannot see a clean or clear image, a projector is pointless. Therefore, look for a device with outstanding picture quality and excellent resolution.

Throw distance affects image quality significantly. It refers to the separation between the projector and screen. Taking accurate measurements of your space is crucial. You should keep the projector around 5 feet away from the screen if your screen is about 20 feet long. The throw ratio will therefore be 0.25:1.

It’s because the screen resolution is also determined by the distance between the projector and the screen. Your throw distance will be shorter if your room is tiny. It would be ideal to use a short throw or extreme short throw projector.

Projector Image Quality and Throw Ratio

A long throw projector can be used if your room is larger. Long throw projectors will also benefit from projector mounting. To help keep the image steady and of good quality, you can use a floor mount enclosure or even a ceiling mount.

Every room requires a different throw ratio, thus make sure to measure your place to get the finest picture possible.

Aspect ratio and resolution

Other important considerations include the resolution and aspect ratio. The height to width ratio of the reflected picture is known as the aspect ratio. You must locate a projector with the best aspect ratios if you want the best golf simulator projectors.

Golf simulators will also be impacted by your screen size. Fundamentally, you’re searching for a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. The best aspect ratios and ideal throw ratios will significantly impact performance. The best projectors for golf simulators feature an aspect ratio of 1800 pixels and a crisp screen view.

Projector lumens for golf simulators

The brightness of the projector display is measured in lumens. The picture is brighter the higher the lumen value. Your projected image’s clarity and brightness are influenced by lamp projectors, laser projectors, and digital light processing.

Look for a projector model with a high brightness rating and a good native contrast ratio. A projector for a golf enthusiast will be an HD projector with a high-quality projector screen.

Find a light output between 2.5 k and 3.5 k lumens for dark environments. You can locate a projector with a high brightness output for decreased lighting. 33k lumen are often the ideal for low-light environments.

Lumens for Golf Simulator Projectors

Optional Throw Distances

Throw distance is often divided into three categories. These three types of throws are short, long, and ultra short. One of the greatest short throw projector choices is compatible with golf simulators used at home.

Long Throw Projector – You can utilise a projector with a long throw distance in wide areas where there is no space constraint.

Short Throw Projector – Choose a short-throw projector if your space is limited and you have a small room or apartment. As a result, you will be able to see well and have a great golf practise experience.

Ultra Short Throw Projector – The very short throw makes the ideal choice for offices and tiny cabins. It provides the player with a clear image and an excellent resolution.

HDMI Compatibility

The projectors’ HDMI connectivity is yet another outstanding feature. In order to enjoy the finest golf simulation experience, you can now connect devices to your laptop or computer. HDMI connectivity with high resolution is crucial. not just for mobile devices and home theatre projectors, but also for golf projectors!

HDMI Connectivity golf simulator

For the best visual quality the projector can generate, look for indoor golf simulator projectors with outstanding connectivity!

Top 12 Best projectors for golf simulator

1.Optoma GT1090HDRCheck Price
2. Optoma UHZ50Check Price
3. ViewSonic PX701-4KCheck Price
4.Epson EX9240Check Price
5.Epson Home Cinema 1080Check Price
6.BenQ TH671ST 1080p ProjectorCheck Price
7.Optoma EH412 ProfessionalCheck Price
8.ViewSonic PG800HD ProjectorCheck Price
9.VANKYO Leisure 3 ProCheck Price
10.Optoma EH412ST Short ThrowCheck Price
11.Optoma EH460ST ProjectorCheck Price
12.Optoma UHD38 4K ProjectorCheck Price

1. Optoma GT1090HDR – Editor’s Choice.

Native Resolution: 1080p, Brightness: 4200 Lumens, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Lamp Life: 30,000 Hours, Contrast Ratio: 300,000:1.

Optoma GT1090HDR
  • Affordable 4K HDR10 and HLG Support
  • Maximum High Brightness
  • Missing native 4K, Auto Keystone Correction, and 4-Corner Correction

The ideal projector for a golf simulator is the Optoma GT1090HDR. The excellent specifications, which include a very brilliant 4200L brightness, make it a top-notch projector for golf simulators.

The projector may be used with confidence in both dimly lit and well-lit spaces.

Because it uses a laser instead of a bulb source, the brightness will last for lengthier periods of time, require less maintenance, and have superior colour contrast.

For instance, the Optoma GT1080HDR, the series’ earlier model, falls short of the GT1090HDR in terms of brightness, lamp life, and contrast ratio and is deficient in a laser projector source.

Although the GT1090HDR is a little more expensive, its remarkable 300,000:1 contrast ratio and 4200L brightness make up for the difference. With sharply contrasted darks and lights for detailed sceneries, the high contrast ratio makes material on screens pop.

Along with supporting HDR10 with 4K inputs and HLG, the GT1090HDR offers outstanding pictures. This makes for more vivid pictures and videos by enhancing the details and contrasting colours. The GT1090HDR’s lack of native 4K resolution is one of its biggest flaws.

However, 4K input support helps correct this by maximising image quality when viewing 4K content. With a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours, the GT1090HDR is built to last.

This is controlled by the laser light source, which also increases toughness. Additionally, it has a full port array, auto keystone & 4-corner correction, IPX6 dust resistance, and 120Hz refresh rate.

The Optoma GT1090HDR offers outstanding value for the money considering all that is included. The GT1090HDR is a good performer and, without a doubt, the best option for your golf simulator setup. Native 4K resolution is the only thing it lacks.

2. Optoma UHZ50 – Best Premium Projector For Golf Simulator

3000 Lumens of brightness, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 30,000 hours of lamp life, a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and a native resolution of 4K are available.

Optoma UHZ50

The Optoma UHZ50 is our pick for the Best Premium Golf Simulator Projector category. The projector has a 4K UHD native resolution and a 3000L lamp brightness, making it ideal for environments with little or no light.

With 8.3 million pixels on the screen, the projections are sharp and clear.

The UHZ50’s outstanding contrast rating of 2,000,000:1 is its finest feature. Images with well-contrasted darks and brightness give a cinematic feel to them. Additionally, colour accuracy is improved, enabling the UHZ50 to project vibrant, true-to-life colours.

The leading rival of the UHZ50 is the LG HU810PW, which has a comparable contrast rating.

The UHZ50, however, has better speakers and has a higher maximum brightness as well as a longer light life. With its quick 240HZ refresh rate and response times of 4ms for 1080p and 16.9ms for 4K, the UHZ50 also performs well when playing video games.

The UHZ50 is the ideal projector for you because of their similar prices and the fact that you need a projector with reliable performance for golf simulation.

In addition, the Optoma UHZ50 has a lamp life of 30,000 hours. The UHZ50 requires less maintenance, making it the perfect choice for an exclusive golf mode projector.

Due to the dual 10W speaker arrangement and eARC support, the UHZ50 also has excellent audio quality. Accurate, rich-sounding audio is made possible by eARC, which supports more sources.

Additionally supported by the projector are Wi-Fi screen mirroring, voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant, and IFTTT integration. A complete range of ports are also available, including 3x HDMI, USB-A, Audio, and RS-323.

The UHZ50’s versatile and simple setup options, which include Vertical/Horizontal & 4-corner correction, vertical lens shift function, 1.3x zoom, and 33 picture alignment, are a huge advantage.

You can resize the image as necessary without having to worry about space restrictions. It is wonderful that Optoma provided all of these adjusting options as not many projectors do.

According to everything we’ve discussed, the Optoma UHZ50 is a great projector for golf simulation. Although it is more expensive, the UHZ50 is the best option if you have the money.

3. ViewSonic PX701-4K – Best Budget Golf Simulator Projector

Lumens 16:9 Aspect Ratio 12,000:1 Contrast Ratio 4K Native Resolution 20,000 Hour Lamp Life

ViewSonic PX701-4K
  • Very Reasonable
  • 4KUHD on a Shoestring
  • HDR/HLG Assistance
  • 300′′ Max Image Size
  • Limited Wired Connectivity Low Input Lag
  • Low Rating for Contrast

The ViewSonic PX701-4K is the best projector in its class for golf simulators within a reasonable price range. This is a strong projector with a lot of premium features but a mid-range projector pricing.

There is a tonne of value offered, making this an excellent choice for inexpensive gaming consoles or golf simulator packages. The PX701-4K has 4K UHD native resolution and a high brightness of 3200 ANSI Lumens.

It’s uncommon to find 4K at this pricing range, which gives the PX701-4K a significant benefit.

For instance, the ViewSonic PX701HD, the PX701-4predecessor, K’s costs around the same but is a 1080p Full HD projector.

Additionally supporting HDR, the PX701-4K boasts a 4.2ms reaction time and 240HZ refresh rate for gamers. The PX701-4K is clearly the better option in this price bracket because it is only somewhat more expensive than the PX701HD.

The PX701-4K offers HDR and HLG for deep contrast and SuperColor technology for vibrant, true-to-life colours, rounding out an already amazing spec sheet. Although the wide colour gamut is remarkable, the maximum contrast rating of 12,000:1 is a drawback.

As a result, colours won’t appear as vibrant as they would on a premium 4K projector, but it’s still pretty stunning given the budget. Your projector’s screen may be filled with a picture up to 300 inches wide, and its lamp life is 20,000 hours.

Although lamp life is on the shorter side, we can’t really complain given the pricing. The PX701-4K offers an automatic vertical/horizontal keystone correction and 1.1x optical zoom for ease of setup. The projector is simple to set up and adapt, and it has many features.

Additionally, a 10W speaker is integrated, eliminating the need for an additional soundbar while utilising golf simulators. Lack of port selection is the PX701-4K, however, another significant issue. Only two HDMI, one USB-A, audio, and R323 connectors are included, which may not be enough for certain people.

The PX701-4K is the best value on our list and has a number of other great features as well. At mid-range rates, you get premium features with almost any drawbacks. What else is there to ask for?

4. Epson EX9240


brightness of 4,000 lumens, a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 12,000-hour lamp life, a 16,000:1 contrast ratio, and a native resolution of 1080p.

Epson EX9240
  • High Maximum Brightness
  • 16W Built-In Speakers
  • Options for Wireless Connectivity
  • Wide-ranging Image Adjustment
  • Contrast from Short Lamp Life Could Be Improved

The Epson Pro EX9240 is the next capable performer on the list. The Epson projector boasts excellent specifications with a focus on brightness. With a mind-blowing 4000L brightness, the Pro EX9240 is perfect for brilliantly light spaces and performs even better in dim settings.

Additionally, it has a native 1080p resolution so that it can serve as a home theatre. Unfortunately, there is no support for 4K input for enhanced 4K content. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult if you only required a projector for golf simulation.

The Pro EX9240 also has 3-chip 3LCD technology, which makes it possible to dependably project 100 percent RGB without sacrificing colour brightness or accuracy. Aspects like rainbowing or dim colour brightness are also helped by it.

Along with the 16,000:1 contrast ratio, which isn’t the best but is adequate for daily use, it’s a pleasant improvement to improve colour reproduction.

The Pro EX9240 improves upon the Epson Pro EX7280 in terms of native resolution, brightness, and speakers.

It provides continuously bright and crisp images because to its enhanced 1080p resolution and 4000L brightness. The 16W speakers are good and function adequately without additional speakers.

Although it costs a little more, the basic feature set has been upgraded, which is a good thing.

The EX9240 also offers wired communication options with a respectable port selection and wireless connectivity possibilities with Miracast. With the built-in picture skew sensor, automatic vertical correction, and 1.6x optical zoom, it is simple to set up.

These capabilities make changing the screen’s frame easy without requiring a total overhaul of the settings.

The Epson Pro EX9240 is an excellent projector overall and is a terrific value. The majority of users will find what it has to offer to be more than sufficient. It would have been placed higher with native or 4K input capability.

5. Epson Home Cinema 1080

1080p Brightness: 3400 Lumens, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Lamp Life: 12,000 Hours, Contrast Ratio: 16,000:1

Epson Home Cinema 1080
  • Value-for-Money
  • Constricted Projection Frame Adjustable 3LCD Technology Good Brightness
  • Short lamp life No options for wireless connectivity

The Epson Home Cinema 1080 is the third projector on the list; it is a great value and performs the fundamentals well. Similar in price and specs to the Epson Pro EX9240 previously shown off, it is a mid-range projector.

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But the 1080 does things a little differently and has a lesser brightness of 3400L, which is still adequate for regular use in dimly light spaces. The projector’s native 1080p Full HD resolution provides clear details, and its data processing is suited for video games and sporting events.

It uses Epson’s 3LCD technology for 100 percent RGB on every frame and has a contrast ratio of 16,000:1. Even though the contrast is not as high as we would like, colour accuracy and brightness are excellent.

Thanks to the resolution and sophisticated processing, projected images are still vivid and clear.

The Epson Home Cinema 880 is a different model that is somewhat comparable to the 1080 but still falls short.

The lens type makes a clear distinction between the two. The 1080 features a moving lens for a somewhat greater price than the 880, which has a fixed lens and is less expensive.

The 1080 may use a 1.2x manual zoom to calibrate the ideal projection thanks to a moving lens.

Even though the 880 is less expensive, the fixed lens may make it difficult to set up your projector. It is therefore better to spend a little more money to have the full feature set of the 1080.

Additionally, the Epson 1080 comes with 4 ready-to-use colour modes: Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Game, and Cinema, as well as a built-in picture skew sensor to automatically assess and adjust the keystone. Because the 1080 is simple to set up and operate, it receives bonus marks for convenience.

The Epson Home Cinema 1080 is a steady performer that can run golf simulators for the price. Even if it doesn’t have the best features, it is dependable and effective.

6. BenQ TH671ST Projector – Best for High Contrast Resolution!

The best projector for high contrast resolution is the BenQ TH671ST!

BenQ TH671ST Projector – Best for High Contrast Resolution!

The BenQ TH671ST Short Throw Projector is the next projector in our list of the top golf simulator projectors. You receive excellent results with 1080p resolution, 3000-lumen brightness, and high contrast ratio, which improves your experience.

This projector has a very minimal input lag, making it more user-friendly and ideal for gaming. There is no in-between stutter, resulting in a smooth, carefree playing experience.

A different BenQ model, the BenQ HT2050A, has similar gaming functions.

With its improved gaming mode, 3000 Lumen bulb, longer lamp life, and larger projected image size, the TH671ST takes things to the next level. For a more immersive experience of the professional golf course, a huge screen up to 300 inches can be projected.

Additionally, the TH671ST is a short-throw projector that is perfect for use in smaller rooms and areas as a projector for a golf simulation.

Your PC, mobile device, and other devices can all be connected thanks to the numerous connectivity choices. USB and HDMI input ports.

To improve the display performance, try out different built-in gaming modes. Adjust the images to remove shadows to highlight the rich, bright visuals. As your lighting circumstances change, the sensors automatically adjust the brightness. With no headaches or eye strain, you may enjoy lengthy periods of screen time.

  • high contrast, brightness, and resolution a sizable display Low input lag
  • no lens shift or zoom function

7.Most Quiet Professional Projector: Optoma EH412

Price Check For The Optoma EH412 Projector On Amazon
This golf simulator projector needs a fast processor, good resolution, and brightness. You get all of this and much more with the Optoma EH412 Professional Projector. This projector with 1080p resolution has a dazzling 4500-lumen brightness that works with all kinds of lighting. The small size increases the value of this item.

Most Quiet Professional Projector: Optoma EH412

The 4K video support is the best feature. All 4K video sources are available to you without any latency or delay. If you plan to use this projector for golf simulations, this is extremely crucial. Additionally, the sRGB colour gamut and high contrast ratio of 50,000:1 allow for outstanding picture quality. The vivid and precise pictures are equally impressive as any pricey, thousand-dollar projector.

The Optoma EH335 is a less expensive model from Optoma, but it lacks 4K capability and has a lower brightness and contrast ratio.

The EH412 also supports HDR, so when all these capabilities are used together, you’ll get stunning visual fidelity and vibrant colours. The differences are significant, notably in terms of brightness (4500L on the EH412 against 3600L on the EH335).

Although the EH412 is substantially more expensive, the enhancements are worth the extra money to give golf simulator owners the finest image quality.

You can easily change the position without changing the distance thanks to the zoom and keystone correction functions. This is useful if your playing area is condensed and constrained. You can use the HDMI or VGA input options to connect it to your laptop or mobile device.

The 15000 hour lamp life guarantees long-term, maintenance-free use. You get a boost during break thanks to the fantastic 10 W sound system.

  • Bright, vivid picture No fan noise Durable
  • Heats up following prolonged use

8. ViewSonic PG800HD Projector – Best for Extra Features!

ViewSonic PG800HD Projector – Best for Extra Features!

The ViewSonic PG800HD Projector is a fantastic addition to the list of the finest projectors for golf simulators. The ideal visual presentation is made possible by the high resolution, powerful 5000-lumen brightness, and large 50000:1 contrast ratio. In order to increase flexibility, it also offers a number of adjustment functions like zoom, centred lens, vertical lens shift, and vertical keystoning.

Sharp images are produced by the six-segment colour wheel, making them ideal for indoor gaming. Whether playing video games or simulating a round of golf, the ViewSonic PG800HD Projector produces the greatest results.

The higher-resolution ViewSonic PG800HD is more expensive than the less expensive PG800W.

In daily use, the higher resolution is quite obvious because content appears on screens with greater clarity and sharpness. This could be the key to your golf simulator setup producing a beautiful, lifelike golfing experience.

It offers a variety of input choices for connecting your streaming devices. In this case, the HDMI and USB ports are used.

The streamlined, portable form makes it simple to handle in the field. It uses Sonic Expert and Super Color Technology to provide you with both a high definition display and a sound system. The sound quality is raised by the dual speakers and amplifiers.

All of your indoor leisure activities would be the ideal fit for this all-in-one projector. The best experience is playing golf, watching movies, or playing video games with your pals on this big screen.

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  • A bright lumen output Zoom, keystone, and vertical display adjustments excellent speakers
  • Expensive

9.Best Value: VANKYO Leisure 3 Pro Mini Projector!

VANKYO Leisure 3 Projector

One of the greatest projectors for your golf simulator is the VANKYO Leisure 3 Pro Mini Projector. This lightweight, reasonably priced projector excels at projecting huge displays at close range. The absence of dangling wires is no longer a concern thanks to wifi compatibility. Your laptop, mobile device, and other gadgets can all be connected wirelessly with ease.

Furthermore, the screen is properly aligned with your playing field thanks to the zoom and keystone adjustments. From a distance of 3 to 18 feet, you can get a display that exactly suits your wall and measures between 33 and 176 inches.

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This projector’s many uses include watching movies, playing video games, and playing golf. You can connect it to your TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, laptop, Xbox, TF card, and other devices thanks to the adapter’s numerous connectivity choices. As a result, it is intended for multiple uses rather than just one.

A strong contrast ratio combined with the 1080p resolution produces an image that is clear and sharp.

When compared to a projector of a comparable size, the FANGOR F506, the VANKYO Leisure 3 Pro performs admirably with a large screen.

In addition to costing significantly more than the Leisure 3 Pro, the FANGOR F506 lacks a dedicated cooling system for consistent performance.

Additionally, the cooling technology effectively cools the system without making any unwelcome noise.

  • Fantastic noise-cancelling and cooling system Bright and precise outcomes Cheaper in comparison
  • Speakers are average

10. Optoma EH412ST Projector – Best for DLP Tech!

Optoma EH412ST Projector – Best for DLP Tech!

Both indoor and outdoor projectors of excellent quality are made by Optoma. One of Optoma’s top short throw projectors for golf simulators is the EH412ST Professional Projector. With its ability to project a huge 120-inch display from 4.5 feet away, it is a fantastic choice for tiny spaces.

The Optoma EH200ST, the series’ earlier model, costs around the same as the EH412ST but has improved brightness and contrast ratio and supports 4K HDR input.

It is usable in both bright and gloomy conditions because to its 4000-lumen brightness. Additionally, it has an excellent contrast ratio of 50,000:1, which produces a wonderful screen display. The reason for its outstanding reviews is the vivid and precise images.

The projector has been completely upgraded from the EH200ST to the EH412ST, making it ideal for running a virtual golf course.

There are many different ports available for connectivity, including HDMI, VGA, USB, and others.

A 10 W internal speaker that amplifies sound and improves user experience is included. You won’t need an external speaker because the projector’s built-in speakers deliver audio of incredible quality. Long-lasting usage without maintenance is guaranteed by the 15,000-hour lamp life.

It is quite portable and light enough to carry almost anyplace. For a premium experience, the DLP technology improves visual performance, response time, and pixel structure.

  • Brief toss DLP innovation Low contrast ratio Drawbacks
  • No adjustments for zoom or keyston

11.Optoma EH460ST Projector

Optoma EH460ST Projector

One of the greatest options for a golf simulator is the Optoma EH460ST. Dimensions for this projector are 8.66 x 12.2 x 3.93 inches. It has a 6.75 pound weight. It provides HD projection with a short throw. You can appreciate the high quality images thanks to the projection lens’s short throw ratio of 0.5:1. You may also project larger images into a small or constrained space because to the short-throw ratio. It is one of the best projectors for golf simulators because of this.

The Optoma EH460ST has more ports and brighter display than the Optoma EH200ST, the preceding model in the series.

With a brightness of 4200 Lumens, the Optoma EH460ST offers users vibrant colours. It features a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1, which aids in producing images that are both sharp and detailed.

The EH460ST may be connected to practically any device you own and performs admirably when used for golf simulation. The key factors that contribute to the EH460ST’s inclusion in our list are its adaptability and vivid image projections.

With the 10W speaker that is included into this projector, you may listen to music while seeing the clear, finely detailed images. Although a remote control is optional, reviewers claim that the device’s buttons are simple to operate. Without any image downscaling, it offers a Full HD display in 1080p quality.

Using the MHL connectivity option, you can now share your videos on a larger screen. You can customise this projector to your liking. The only factor you need to think about is the price; aside from that, it will give you every feature and function you could possibly want.

  • projection for short throws greater contrast HD Display in full
  • auto-off feature
  • Several connectivity concerns with Apple’s iPhone

12. Golf Simulator 4K Projector: Optoma UHD38 – Best for 4K!

Optoma UHD38 - Best for 4K!

One of the top projectors for golf simulators is the Optoma UHD38. Dimensions for this projector are 10.6 x 12.4 x 4.6 inches. It is 9.25 pounds or such. With its 4K resolution and dark contrast, it produces clear, detailed images. You might have the impression that you are on an outside field.

It has 4000 lumens, which makes it perfect lighting outdoor spaces. This aids in obtaining sufficient brightness for the display of your pictures.

The Optoma UHD38 offers improved brightness compared to preceding models, the Optoma UHD 30 and UHD 35, and performs better overall.

This increases versatility and allows image modification in a range of lighting settings easier. Additionally, the UHD 38 significantly outperforms the UHD 30 in 1080p’s Enhanced Gaming Mode with a response time of just 4.2 milliseconds.

Additionally, the contrast ratio is increased from the UHD30’s 500,000:1 to 1,000,000:1. Although the UHD38 is more expensive, the enhancements make up for the difference in price.

Since it is a normal throw projector, you might need to mount it to the ceiling. Its extremely low weight, which was already mentioned, makes it exceedingly user-friendly.

Keystone correction is a trait that exists in both horizontal and vertical directions. There are several communication options available, including HDMI, which enables connection to PC-based simulators.

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  • Native resolution of 4K 4000 lumens of illumination Keystone adjustment Simple to mount
  • Overpriced Installation can be challenging for standard throw distance


All things considered, our list contains a variety of choices that would appeal to any serious golfer. Choose from the Optoma UHD38, ViewSonic PG800HD, or Optoma GT1090HDR if you want a 4k television with exceptional picture quality.

Looking for something that will fit your little space well? It will work best with the Optoma EH460ST5, Epson Home Cinema 1080, and Optoma UHZ50.

The VANKYO Leisure 3, Optoma EH412, and the Epson EX9240 will have the lowest costs. The ViewSonic PX701-4K, the Optoma GT1090HDR, and the BenQ TH671ST are three further top-tier models.

Our offerings provide something for everyone, no matter what your needs are!

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can You Play Golf Outside on a Simulator?

The golf simulator can be modified to be used outside. For a clear view of the simulator, you must place it at night or in a location with low light.

What is the ideal screen distance to use when positioning the projector for the golf simulator?

The best projectors have a striking distance from the screen of around 9–10 feet. For an accurate throw distance, measure your space.

Is a Projector for Golf Simulator Useful for Golf Practice?

You can constantly improve your game by using a golf simulator. Like on a golf course, you can alter the field and practise your shots.

Where in the Room Should I Place the Golf Simulator Projector?

The perfect area to place the projector and enjoy the simulation is 10 x 12 x 9. Their best displays are in cramped, low-light spaces and small rooms.

What Lumen or Brightness is Best for a Projector for a Golf Simulator?

Lumens are used to measure brightness. The projector’s brightness should be 1.5 to 2.5k for dark spaces, and 3.5k for places with moderate lighting.

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