Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet 2022

best climbing shoes for wide feet

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Choosing the best Climbing shoes for wide feet are a perennial issue for rock climbers. Climbers face numerous challenges in terms of size, material, closure, and so on.

And if you have wide feet, it can feel like a curse because you are so concerned with the width of the shoe that you overlook the other specifications and features. You simply want to purchase a shoe that fits properly.

I understand how you feel. As a result, I decided to write this article specifically for people with wide feet all over the world.

How to reduce pain when using climbing shoes if you have wide feet

  • If your climbing shoes are too small, a shoe stretcher will help you widen them.
  • Choose the climbing shoe style that is most comfortable for you.
  • If your feet are different sizes, add an insole to your smaller foot to close the gap between your feet.
  • If you have trouble getting your climbing shoes on, a shoehorn is what you need; it slightly pulls back the heel of your shoe.

Visit the website for more information on wide feet.

Some general fitting rules for climbing shoes are provided below for your convenience.

Some basic fitting guidelines

  • Always avoid shoes with dead space above your toes.
  • Check that your toes are flat or comfortably curled up.
  • Your heel should always fit snugly.
  • Check that your feet are snug enough.
  • Your pressure points should not be pressed by the shoe.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet review.

At a Glance: Our Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

What do you think? If you have wide feet, it’s fine. You simply must exercise caution when purchasing shoes. And if you enjoy climbing, be extra cautious when purchasing climbing shoes. Shoes that are ill-fitting or cause you pain are clearly not what you deserve.

Read this article, and I’m confident you’ll be completely satisfied, and you’ll have chosen your best climbing shoes by the end.

La Sportiva Men’s Best For Wide Feet

La Sportiva Men’s Best For Wide Feet
La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace

These climbing shoes should be the best option for you if you have wide feet. If you value comfort, the La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace should be your first choice.

If high performance is what you’re looking for in your climbing shoes, this shoe is the best. If you’re looking for a cool and unique design, this shoe is one of a kind.

This shoe’s upper is made of leather and is extremely comfortable to wear. It’s also appropriate to wear to the gym. If you’re hesitant to buy lace-up shoes, don’t worry because there’s a quick pull lacing harness that will make taking your shoes off a breeze.

The La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace promises all-around performance by assisting you to smear, hook, and edge like a pro.

The rubber heel rand allows you to climb without experiencing pain or cramping. This shoe has an admirable level of breathability.

La Sportiva Men’s Best For Wide Feet

Men’s La Sportiva Wide Footwear

It is made of high-quality materials, and if you buy these, you can completely rely on your climbing shoes. TarantuLace’s many specialties include stability and durability.

Overall, it’s one of the best choices for those with wide feet. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight, so it will not hinder your climbing. Say goodbye to cramping and pain!

  • Quick lacing technology

  • Overall performance

  • Comfortablen

  • Durable

  • Poor smearing

Scarpa Men’s Instinct best climbing shoes

Best climbing shoes by Scarpa for men, Instinct
Best climbing shoes by Scarpa for men, Instinct

Scarpa’s epic and durable shoes are known for providing comfort to all climbers. Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoes are made of 100% textile and will provide you with all the comfort you require if you have wide feet.

This shoe’s softness makes it the preferred choice of its users. This shoe is versatile and designed in such a way that it looks classy whether you’re going rock climbing or to the gym.

This climbing shoe’s upper is made entirely of Lorica Micro suede, making it even more comfortable.

Best climbing shoes by Scarpa for men, Instinct

Best climbing shoes by Scarpa for men, Instinct

You can wear these shoes all day without experiencing foot pain. Because it is not stretchable, you will not need to replace your climbing shoe after a while.

The hook and loop strap closure is comfortable and provides a better fit to your feet. This shoe’s edging and smearing capabilities are magical.

It’s relaxing and well-rounded. The tongue and heel pull loops allow for adequate ventilation. The Vibram XS Edge Rubber sole offers grip, durability, and resistance to deformation.

These climbing shoes are one of the best options for people with wide feet. All of the features of these shoes are extremely versatile, making this shoe appealing.

  • Completely textile

  • Imported

  • Artificial solen

  • Convenient hook and loop straps

  • Fantastic grip

  • Durable

  • Expensive

Tenaya Oasi rock climbing shoes for wide feet

shoes for rock climbing with wide feet
Rock climbing shoes by Tenaya Oasi for wide feet

Tenaya Oasi Rock climbing shoes are unique. It has an extraordinary appearance and provides you with all the comfort you require. You will adore wearing these shoes.

This shoe’s design techniques are flawless because they allow you to continue your journey no matter how long it takes. Whatever the situation, your Tenaya Oasi shoes will be by your side, providing you with all the comfort you require.

This shoe allows you to show off your inner climber. This shoe is admirable and versatile thanks to its microfiber upper and Velcro closure system.

This shoe’s tongue is made of Lycra, and the lining is made of TXT-treated cotton. The sole is 3.5 mm thick and made of Vibram XS Grip.

Tenaya Oasi rock climbing shoes for wide feet

Rock climbing shoes by Tenaya Oasi for wide feet

The heel cup is massive. This is a problem if you have small feet. However, if your feet are wide, you have an advantage over here. The heel will be a perfect fit for you. The grip is superb. The toes will be a perfect fit.

Everything about this climbing shoe is exceptional. However, if you are a beginner, I recommend that you avoid these shoes because they are aggressive.

The adjustment will be simple for people with wide feet, and you won’t miss your old climbing shoes.

  • Highly comfortable

  • Enduring materials

  • Perfectly fits

  • Enhanced stability

  • Outstanding grip

  • Expensive

Five Ten Men’s Climbing shoes with a wider toe box

Wider toe box men's climbing shoes by Five Ten
Wider toe box men's climbing shoes by Five Ten

Five Ten men’s team 5.10 is made of high-quality microfiber polyester and will provide you with maximum comfort. It is designed in such a way that it fits people with wide feet perfectly.

These climbing shoes, made with a combination of rubber sole for easy edging and smearing and Ultrathin Stealth HF rubber, should be your first choice.

The increased elasticity on the toe’s side aids in the perfect grip of your toes, ensuring the best performance from your side. The best feature of this climbing shoe is the Velcro brand strap and extended toe rand.

Wider toe box men's climbing shoes by Five Ten

Wider toe box men’s climbing shoes by Five Ten

Team 5.10 is a really great shoe worth the price because of its attractive design. It is appropriate for beginners, intermediates, and experts alike. This climbing shoe is extremely durable and can be relied on.

Another advantage of this shoe is its adaptability. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. This shoe has excellent breathability.

Given all of its features, it’s a great shoe for people with wide feet.

  • Fits perfectly

  • Decent shoes for climbing

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Extremely breathable

  • The rubber does not last as long.

Climb X Rave Strap climbing shoes for big feet

Climb X Rave Strap shoes.
Climb X Rave Strap shoes.

Climb X Rave strap climbing shoes are truly game changers in terms of price. If you don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes, this budget-friendly option is perfect for you.

If you believe that because of its low price, you must sacrifice features, you are mistaken. Its low price provides you with all the comfort you require for your wide feet.

This shoe provides excellent comfort. It’s an all-around shoe that’s so versatile that you can wear it hiking as well as to the gym.

It has a double stitch construction with a padded collar and heel to ensure a snug fit for your comfort. The polypropylene midsole and one-piece binding up the comfort ante here.

Climb X Rave Strap shoes.
Climb X Rave Strap shoes.

If you want a truly professional performance, make sure your toes are curled up. But don’t get too worked up about it. These climbing shoes fit perfectly and make you feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all. There will be no strain on your feet, guaranteed!

This climbing shoe has a precise adjustment to keep your feet from being pinched and to ensure you enjoy your climbing without pain or cramps. It’s an excellent first shoe for people with wide feet.

  • Budget-friendlyn
  • Very snug
  • Pleasantly cushioned
  • Nice looking
  • Padded heel and collar
  • The quality of the rubber they utilise is super.
  • The rubber they use is of poor quality.

Mad Rock Men’s Drifter – Best Climbing Shoes

Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe

This shoe has excellent levels of breathability. This shoe, which is made entirely of leather, clearly demonstrates why it is the ideal option for climbing footwear.

Because to its flat design, it fits those with wide feet snugly. In this shoe, your toes will feel incredibly comfortable.

Rubber is used to make the sole, which provides the necessary flexibility for a good grip. Additionally enhancing this shoe’s durability is its rubber sole.

Unboxing  the Mad Rock Men’s Drifter

Mad Rock men’s drifter shoes are the best because of their versatility. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities.

You can certainly use it to go to the gym. The hook and loop closure here makes it simple to put on and take off. It is also very affordable.

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend going half a size down from your street shoe size. The drifter stretches with time, so keep this in mind as well.

Overall, it’s one of the best options for people with wide feet on the market.

  • Affordable sneakers with the best fit
  • Excellent edging
  • Strong breathability level
  • When using these shoes for climbing, exercise caution with the grip.

Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace Climbing shoes

Black Diamond Mens Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes
Black Diamond Mens Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond momentum lace shoes are specifically designed for beginner climbers with wide feet to provide maximum comfort while rock climbing.

This shoe is so comfortable to wear that you won’t get tired of it after wearing it all day. You won’t have any issues if your shoe size is correct. This climbing shoe has unrivalled breathability.

The 4.3 mm Neo Friction rubber sole provides maximum durability and ensures consistent performance.

The sole is the best part of this shoe and extends the shoe’s lifespan. Climbing will become much easier if you try these shoes.

The quality of Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace Climbing shoes is excellent, and it will be by your side during your difficult climbing times. It fits your toes perfectly.

Black Diamond Mens Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes
Men’s Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes by Black Diamond

The lace-up system allows for adjustability. Finding the perfect shoe for wide feet is difficult, but there is no better option if you want to buy these climbing shoes.

The best thing about this climbing shoe is that it relieves joint stress and gives you more strength to push yourself to your goal. This shoe will provide your feet with the necessary and deserved comfort.

I don’t believe there is a better option for people with wide feet than this Climbing shoe.

  • Outstanding breathability

  • Lasts more time

  • Cosy and especially snug

  • Guarantees superior performance

  • Low-stick rubber

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

Shaman Climbing Shoes by Evolv
Shaman Climbing Shoes by Evolv

These Evolv Shaman Climbing shoes have just saved the lives of people with wide feet. With these shoes, your life will be much easier. Here, extra comfort is guaranteed. These microfiber shoes are extra snug. These shoes have toe rubber for tor hooking.

With its cool appearance, it’s one of the most popular shoes for people with wide feet. It provides an excellent grip and protects your feet. This climbing shoe now has a better fit in terms of Engineered Comfort and performance.

Shaman Climbing Shoes by Evolv
Shaman Climbing Shoes by Evolv

This shoe’s upgrade promises to make users appreciate the enhancements and improvements while providing the comfort they require.

These are the best shoes for experienced climbers. This shoe will not stretch because it is made of synthetic material. You can wear this shoe for long periods of time without feeling drowsy.

The Evolv Shaman climbing shoe provides a very comfortable fit, and your feet will no longer be under pressure as a result of your shoes. Overall, it’s a fantastic option for people with wide feet.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great for everyday use
  • Supple synthetic
  • More supple toes
  • Use the sizen with caution.
  • Very small sizes

Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoes Best For Wide Feet – Men’s

The best climbing shoes for wide feet are Butora Acro.
BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock/Indoor Climbing Shoes

Well, I’m sure you’d be delighted to learn the name of this shoe, as it was created specifically for you. However, the Arco Wide Fit Climbing Shoe, as the name implies, is a climbing shoe for people with wide feet.

It’s a down-chambered shoe made specifically for steep sport climbing and bouldering. It is a non-stretchable climbing shoe made of soft synthetic material. The upper is made of natural leather to provide your feet with the perfect adjustable stretch.

With its surprisingly comfortable fit, this climbing shoe allows you to give your all. Butora Acro Wide fit climbing shoes have a high tensioned heel rand that enhances your inner power and strength while providing superior edging.

BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock

The best climbing shoes for wide feet are Butora Acro.

This climbing shoe offers you a custom-fit design so anyone can wear it. You will stay energetic and super comfortable while wearing these shoes.

The hook and loop strap provides you the convenience of taking on/off your climbing shoes. The rubber toe patch at the front of this shoe allows your toes to be secure while edging and smearing.

  • Great construction
  • Additional breathability
  • Supple synthetic
  • Lightweightn
  • Some users might find the heel uncomfortable.

Scarpa men’s Vapor V best Climbing Shoes

Best Climbing Shoes from Scarpa for Men
Best Climbing Shoes from Scarpa for Men

Best Climbing Shoes from Scarpa for Men:

Scarpa gives its users all the comfort they require. This climbing shoe is a lottery for people with wide feet. This climbing shoe is made of 100% synthetic material and will not stretch over time. As a result, you won’t need to replace your climbing shoes after a while.

The rubber sole provides the flexibility required for smearing, edging, and hooking. The new split sole allows for greater flexibility and thus better climbing.

The bi-tension rand gave your toes the strength they needed to keep up the great climbing work. The dual power strap closure on this climbing shoe allows for an adjustable fit to your feet and provides an ideal snug fit.

Best Climbing Shoes from Scarpa for Men:

Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes from Scarpa

The Vibram XS Edge offers a sticky grip and is highly durable. Your feet and toes won’t be put under any stress while wearing this climbing shoe. It guarantees a supportive and safe fit.

The Men’s Vapor V by Scarpa is a great all-purpose sneaker. It can be used every day. One of the best shoes for wide feet is this one.

  • Active bi-tension randn
  • Simple closure
  • Pliable soles
  • Incredible grip
  • Friendly to Achilles design
  • They degrade quickly

Some Shopping Tips for Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Having wide feet is uncomfortable, so here are some pointers to consider before purchasing your ideal climbing shoes.

I know and am confident that you would have chosen the best climbing shoes for yourself from the list above. Let me now make your decision much easier by providing you with the following advice.

  • Look for the fabric that you want to wear. All fabrics are not created equal. When you have wide feet, some fabrics are better than others.
  • Be honest with yourself and avoid purchasing a size that is either too small or too large for you. Be patient, and you’ll find the perfect fit. Don’t just put on any shoe you want without thinking about its size.
  • Understand the brands you’re looking for. Many brands offer a wide range of wide fitting shoes. You will undoubtedly find more options online.
  • Always keep your attention on your heels and toes. Choose a wider stacked heel to help you balance and support yourself while climbing.
  • Look for features that are adjustable. Choose climbing shoes with extra elastic or a buckle that can be adjusted.
  • A climbing shoe with a lot of straps can be uncomfortable for people with wide feet. Always choose a simple climbing shoe.

Another thing that may bother you is that you may be confused about your climbing shoes, such as whether a man can wear women’s shoes or vice versa. Let me clarify one point for you.

Climbing shoes are supposed to be gender neutral. Some brands, however, have both men’s and women’s climbing shoes. However, always choose the shoe that is the most comfortable for you. Don’t worry about whether it’s for a man or a woman.

Another important thing to understand before purchasing the best climbing shoes for wide feet is the distinction between the various types and their benefits. Allow me to assist you.

Climbing shoes with a neutral sole for wide feet

These are the shoes intended for newcomers. These are the kind of shoes that you can wear every day and anywhere. They mostly have flat profiles.

Climbing shoes for intermediate climbers with wide feet

These are one of the most comfortable shoes we have. They are also known as moderate climbing shoes. Their construction and design are attractive, and they provide a lot of flexibility.

These are all-purpose shoes that can handle difficult climbing situations. They are ideal for people with wide feet.

Assertive Wide-feet climbing shoes

These are only for the most experienced climbers. They provide excellent climbing comfort. They can help you find your inner strength and achieve your best climbing results.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are Scarpa suitable for people with wide feet?

Yes,the Scarpa Boostic is an excellent climbing shoe for people with wide feet. Furthermore, by climbing shoe standards, it is extremely comfortable.

What is the ideal fit for climbing shoes?

Gaps or dead space around your foot should be avoided because they reduce sensitivity. Shoes with gaps around the heel or under the arch may slip and slide when you heel hook or push your toes into a crack. Short shoes are not permitted.

What is the size of my climbing shoes?

In general, climbing shoes should be two to three sizes smaller than your street shoes. According to La Sportiva, you should fit your trad climbing shoes one to two sizes smaller than your street shoes.

Should I curl my toes in climbing shoes?

Is it customary for climbing shoes to have curled toes? Basically, yes. The toes of beginner climbing shoes are curled up just enough to keep them close to the front of the shoe. The curled up big toe is the most common source of discomfort for many people.

Should you go up a size in climbing shoes?

Climbing or bouldering shoes should not be purchased in a size larger because they are designed to fit snugly. Make your climbing shoes a half size smaller than your street shoes. Try them on before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

How often should I climb per week?

Climbing at least twice a week (3 or 4 times is ideal) is ideal – any bouldering or rope climbing session, indoors or outdoors, is acceptable.


I wrote this article to provide you with information from every angle so you don’t have to go from website to website looking for the specifications and types of Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet.

Remember that you deserve the best. Make no compromises on the features of your climbing shoe. And if you have wide feet, selecting your shoes may be a big deal for you.

Choose the best material and size for your climbing shoes at all times. I covered everything you needed to know.

All of the climbing shoes listed above are ideal for wide feet and provide excellent comfort and support. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Meanwhile, I’ll keep this blog updated as new information becomes available. Have fun shopping!

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