7 Ways to Afford a Macbook in 2022

7 Ways to Afford a Macbook in 2022

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How to Get a Cheap Macbook

In this article you will know 7 Ways to Afford a Macbook in 2022. The Apple MacBook is without a doubt one of the best laptops. Everyone should consider buying it because of its excellent performance, practical features, and software fluidity. However, the price of an Apple MacBook is a concern.

You might find the exorbitant price of an Apple MacBook to be too much, but its exceptional performance makes up for it. A MacBook stands out for its lag-free user experience, sharp display quality, and appealing design. So, if you’re wondering how you can afford one, these suggestions may help.

Sell Any Items You Have Extra

Selling things you don’t really use is one of the finest methods to raise money for a MacBook. It can be an outdated piece of machinery, furniture, or décor gathering dust in your closet. Or maybe it’s an outdated smartphone, a set of headphones, or an outdated gaming chair.

So start looking around your house to see if there is anything you can sell on Facebook or eBay. The amount of money you can make by selling your old items may surprise you.

People have household possessions worth roughly $3500 that they don’t use, according to recent studies. You may try to recoup some of the costs of purchasing a MacBook by selling some of this goods.

7 Ways to Afford a Macbook in 2022

Take up Freelancing

You could be forced to think creatively if you manage to get your hands on an Apple MacBook. You might not be able to purchase a MacBook on the cheap with your monthly pay. You must therefore seize any possible opportunity to make money. Perhaps you should develop your own opportunity to earn some more cash.

Freelancing can be an excellent choice if you detest the notion of working for someone else. Try looking for some reliable freelancing websites for this reason, including Fiverr and Upwork. Your profile can be created here based on your skills, and you can market those skills through online gigs. Anything from writing blogs to programming to graphic design is possible.

If you need to buy a MacBook right away, freelance websites are a terrific method to make money. If you are proficient at what you perform, online consumers will frequently spend more. Additionally, since you work for yourself, you can select when to work.

Buy a second-hand MacBook

A used MacBook is still worth consideration even though it isn’t as excellent as a brand-new one. Due to its exorbitant cost, most individuals are hesitant to purchase a new Apple MacBook unless they have a lot of money. Although it is much less expensive than a new one, many individuals prefer to purchase a refurbished MacBook from Amazon or eBay.

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There may be many reconditioned MacBooks available on Amazon that are in brand-new condition. These reconditioned MacBooks are considerably less expensive and come with a limited guarantee of 30 to 60 days. So you’ll have ample time to make sure it’s in functioning order if you decide to acquire one. You have the option to return it and receive your money back if it isn’t.

Pay Attention to Sales

When you consider buying an Apple MacBook outright, you can start looking for other options. However, saving money on the same laptop can keep you intrigued. Once or twice a year, Apple tends to advertise sales on its products, just like any other corporation. This is a fantastic chance for you to get a MacBook for less money.

Apple typically makes sales announcements around the holidays and on the eve of Black Friday. So beware of discounts mentioned on Apple’s website for their products. If you have the patience, buying a MacBook at a bargain is worthwhile.

Pay Attention to Sales

Use the Apple Store discount code

Making online purchases at a discount through the use of coupon codes is an intriguing strategy. But this is where your good fortune comes in. By completing surveys, you can get coupon codes for numerous websites, but getting an Apple Store promo code can be challenging.

Even so, you can attempt to keep your eyes open when browsing the internet. You can also subscribe to Apple’s official website or Facebook page to get timely notifications when a chance like this arises. If you’re lucky, you might find one by searching numerous forums like Apple Discussions.

Reduce your expenditures

Certainly one of the best strategies to get a MacBook is to reduce your spending. Interesting enough, relatively few people consider cutting back on their overall spending while the majority of us are focused on earning more money to buy a MacBook.

However, reducing your spending can significantly assist you in offsetting the cost of purchasing a MacBook. By only making a few small adjustments to your everyday routine, you can save several hundred dollars each month. These consist of tracking your spending, conserving energy, and giving up unneeded luxuries. Keep in mind that lowering your costs while increasing your income can quickly bring you a MacBook.

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Select a Payment Option

If adopting money-saving techniques doesn’t work for you, selecting a workable instalment plan using a credit card might. Although it’s not the best option, using a credit card can be used if everything else fails.

Make sure the monthly payment option you choose isn’t a long-term commitment. Even though a long-term instalment plan with minimal payment requirements may feel less burdensome, it is not worthwhile. This is due to the fact that the price of an Apple MacBook will now be significantly higher due to increased demand. Choose a short-term instalment plan instead, and work toward paying it off as quickly as you can.

Await the arrival of the new model.

You may also think about holding off till the new model is released if you haven’t already made up your mind to purchase the most recent MacBook model. You want to spend as little money as you can because Apple’s MacBook isn’t inexpensive.

Every year, Apple releases a fresh model of the MacBook, thus older ones usually become less expensive. For instance, shortly after the release of the most recent MacBook Pro, Apple reduced the price of the model from the previous year by $200. Consequently, you can probably wait till the new MacBook is available if you don’t mind buying an older model.

Request that your employer buy you one.

For many people, using a MacBook at work is the ultimate goal. The idea of utilising a MacBook for free could be appealing, even though its exorbitant cost can be disheartening. It’s nothing unusual if your firm gives you a computer because many businesses today use them for the majority of their business operations.

Given the requirements of your position, it’s possible that your employer will purchase you a MacBook. Ask your supervisor if they can set up a MacBook for you so that you can conduct business more easily. Be aware that if your company decides to purchase one for you, the company will become the owner. You’ll still have the privilege of using a MacBook for nothing, though.

Offer Old MacBooks

Selling your old MacBook can help you save money if you want to switch to a newer model. You can make several hundred dollars by selling your old MacBook on eBay. Alternatively, if your MacBook is fully dead, you can sell its spare parts to someone who will use them. You can do this to free up space for your new MacBook while getting rid of outdated gear.

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Buy a MacBook in an open box from the Apple Store.

The simplest method to get your hands on the newest technology is probably to purchase an open-box MacBook from the Apple Store. Many times, many Macbooks may leave the plant with some degree of manufacturing problem.

Apple frequently offers them for sale at a discount after correcting them if the flaws aren’t severe enough. So if you want to get a MacBook at a somewhat reduced cost, keep an eye out for such discounts.


Can I buy a MacBook on a monthly basis?

Yes, you can use your Apple Card to pay for a MacBook in monthly instalments. With an Apple Card, you have the convenience of making low monthly payments and interest-free purchases at the Apple Store. The amount you finance for your device is taken out of your Apple Card credit on a monthly basis rather than all at once.

Is the MacBook pricey?

There is no doubting that the Apple MacBook is among the most powerful pieces of equipment available today. Your work requirements will typically dictate the type of laptop that would be best for you. The MacBook is priceless if you need a powerful laptop and want to stay in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple accepts Afterpay?

If you want to make an in-person purchase from a seller who accepts Afterpay, you may use the Afterpay service. Simply launch the Afterpay app and select the “Card” menu to get started. You’ll find information about your available spending limit right here. To use Apple Pay to make the purchase, tap the ‘Pay with Afterpay Card’ tab.


One of the best laptops available now for performance is the Apple MacBook. However, due to its exorbitant cost, many people are unable to afford it. Therefore, you may want to think about getting a used or older model to help offset its high price. Alternately, you could sell some of the items you don’t use. This will enable you to purchase a MacBook.


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